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  1. £200 is just for the gun. We already have a Turnigy accucell 6 80W charger and li poly safe bags etc because we do RC stuff, so ill just need the right lead/ connector to fit the new batteries.
  2. Massive thank you to Rogerborg and Philby21 for your replies, they have helped a lot. Having read a bit more i realise i have left (pun intended) out a really important bit of information. My son is left handed, and prefers to shoot left handed. Also he has a decent 3d printer (Prusa I3 Mk3) and he's pretty good with it, so i imagine that could be useful for future modding etc.
  3. Hi, I am looking to buy a gun for my son who does the occasional Airsoft with his friends. He would like an electric rifle not too long with rails moddable possibly folding stock (not essential) Budget is around the £200 mark, but i am willing to listen if the general thinking is £200 would only lead to disappointment. He had selected this https://www.justbbguns.co.uk/src-g36-gen-2-airsoft-gun/ however the little research i have done leads me to think SRC may not be the best brand and JustBBguns may not be the best place to buy from. I will openly admit to knowing sodd all about Airsoft, so I have come here to seek advice from those in the know, please help me out. thanks in advance for any advice or recommendations.
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