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  1. Thank you good sir .. I'm gonna get straight onto trying to fix it ..
  2. These are the pieces I'm trying to assemble . Thanks for ya time ... I have googled for hours but can't find what I need
  3. Unfortunately still not a option .. I really need to just fix the hammer assembly
  4. Yeah I wish that was a option but the cheap bastard will never so I gotta fix it . There has to be someone out there in the know
  5. Please help I bought a kwc / Taurus 24/7 non blow back gas pistol and my know it all mate took it apart before I even got to shoot it . Now I can not get the hammer assembly back to working .. I think it may have something to do with the safety MEC as well I'm just not sure . I've gotten it back to what I thought was working but when I pull the trigger it's like the hammer isn't coming far enough forward to strike the back of the mag and release the gas . I've spent hours trying to work it out a d have contacted the retailer but they don't have any clue really . Pleaseeee help me guys .. VID_20200114_142103.mp4
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