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  1. Hi guys, my damn injection valve (G17 magazine) has broken... I need a steel replacement for it But there's is some diameters that's confuse me (5mm / 6mm), so which one should I pick? https://www.rainbow8.com/products/gunsmodify-stainless-steel-upgrade-injection-valve-for-marui-we-vfc-umarex-gbb-set-of-2?variant=11181200310308 https://www.shootercbgear.com/product_info.php?products_id=12066&osCsid=2542dvnqlano9kmnb0ql9n91p6 https://www.shootercbgear.com/product_info.php?products_id=9502&osCsid=2542dvnqlano9kmnb0ql9n91p6 https://www.shootercbgear.com/product_info.ph
  2. I think I'll Buy it, no one could tell me something that I shouldn't buy it for whatever reason, some guys use the bell glocks and they said it's fine!
  3. Hi emiliano!, I don't think is safe to visit chile right now! XD I buy the WE desert eagle on AST taiwan (very good site), 112usd plus shipping like 50usd, But!! Customs charge me with 100usd!! They take you money from everything! Those criminals... That is why I don't want to purchase any gun from other country, plus that I have to wait a month xd. And about the king arms glock, it is made on taiwan, that must be count for something right?
  4. I'm from Chile, south america The price of the KA glock is 110 USD without normal shipping, is that price considered as a cheap gun?
  5. Lol!! Thanks to all first for your quick comments, that kind of reply wont happend in other foums coughairsoftsniperforumcough cough! Well I define by good if the gun is durable first, i don't like an accurate gun that will fall apart by it self. I think the colt SAA maybe is not that good because it hasn't hop up? I would like to buy the WE glock But I can't found it where I live, and I wont even think about of buying a gun overseas! The damn customs will charge me the half of the total price, so I have to stick to what I have near XD I have a g17 by B&W and it's good But
  6. Hi guys! I have on sights this glock from king arms, I Have no idea of now good or bad this brand is!, so I need some advices from you. I really like how it looks But, should I purchase this gun? Here is the link of the product specs: http://www.kingarms.com/product_detail.php?id=2709
  7. Thanks for the reply!, the slide is made of aluminum? For now In think I'm gonna give it a try on the king arms glock
  8. It is painted in gold colour? Is not anodized aluminum?, you can scratch it with your finger nails?
  9. Do you recommend that barrel? My g17 is running green gas Even it's broken is still working??
  10. That barrel is not made of aluminum? Or it just broke for what reason?, I'm planning to buy this barrel for my g17. Btw this barrel comes with a thread adapter? Or i get that wrong?
  11. What do you think ? Here is another link http://www.airsoft-shop-japan.com/bell-tti-type-glock-g34-john-wick-2-combat-master-custom-metal-slide-gas-blow-back-airsoft-gun/
  12. Here http://www.bbgunzerker.com/product/3875/g34-tti-double-bell-768
  13. Do you think that bell has improve they're gbb glock? There's a taran tactical g17 and g34 and they look so good!!
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