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  1. @Davegolf and @AK47frizzle quick update. I took off the teeth as you suggested. And I reshimmed as AK suggested and put the m120 spring back in the gun and chrono'd. I got 305FPS on original barrel and was happy with that. I did a ROF test and got 26RPS which I'm still a bit bleak about. Good thing is the gun is now running with the m120 and I'm super stoked. I do have a random double fire in semi auto every 5-8th shot which I never had. I enabled precock on the perun mosfet and this resolved the overspin in semi. Now last question as I'm now happy with where I'm at with the build, I just wish my ROF was slightly higher. Is there anything I can do?
  2. @AK47frizzle thank your for your input! It's my first ever attempt at a moderate speed SSG build and I guess i'v over read forum posts and have got myself confused on what I think is right. @Davegolf has given me some awesome advise so far and it's been so welcoming in the process as every build I read up on had been so different and contridictory. The stripped gears may well be shimming issues, however I did notice some silver wear on the length of the teeth of the piston which lead me to believe it was PME. I'm shimming bevel to pinion method. I thought that going with a 22TPA motor would yeild very similar results to an 18:1 with 16TPA motor however it would have had better trigger response. Similar I mean around the 23-25RPS range with an m110/m120 spring. That's why I went with the higher TPA motor and short stroked. Your 35RPS build with the 14t and m100 spring. Did u have to short stroke due to the missing tooth on the piston? Very nice build BTW.
  3. I haven't done that, as I read many posts that stated its not necessary. I will however remove 2 teeth this weekend. Suppose it will aid a tiny bit with weight reduction. Once I have tested the boost motor. (maybe tonight if I get a gap) I'll post my results:)
  4. As I said I dropped the m130 in because of the PME that stripped my bevel gear. I also stated I dont mind loosing FPS to get my speed up as I was bleak at getting 25RPS due to the m130. So my question is more aimed at getting my RPS closer to 30 and if it means a loss in FPS I'm happy with that. So I'm going to try the ASG boost motor this weekend, and see what RPS I get. If I'm still not happy do I remove a tooth on the sector to aid?
  5. @Davegolf Apologies for the delayed reply, been a busy few days! Okay I have another update, so although I managed to get the gun firing at the above stated FPS, when I did the RPS chrono guess what? it gave me a reading of 27.2RPS and then I heard a horrible noise:( Stripped the box down immediately and all teeth on the bevel gear had been sheared off. I inspected the teeth on the piston and saw that there was a little wear on the piston teeth indicating PME and the weakest point was probably the bevel. I checked the damaged bevel gear against a standard G&G bevel and it had the same amount of teeth. So I re-shimmed the gun with the new bevel and decided to install an m130 spring to assist with the piston returning quicker on its stroke to aid in combating the PME. I am now shooting 330FPS with original ARP barrel(130mm) and 390FPS with a Prommy 285mm 6.03 TB barrel. However my RPS has obviously dropped due to the heavier spring and I am now at 25.3RPS. I'm pretty bleak at the results seeing that with a stock ARP with the prommy barrel listed above I get between 380FPS-400FPS and approximately 22-23RPS on an m120 and 18:1 gears. The goal for this build was +-350FPS and approximately 30RPS as i wanted a speed build) Now I can live with a lower FPS but I definitely would like to be closer to 30RPS. So what options do I have left now? 1. Change the stock G&G IFRIT 25K 18TPA motor to the ASG Boost 30k 16TPA I have in another gun? (whilst keeping the m130 spring) 2. Short stroke the sector gear another tooth and loose some more FPS but gain slight RPS? (whilst keeping the m130 spring) 3. Do both of the above? and if so are there any concerns regarding PME, Overpsin, tappet timing etc. I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction;) The final specs are as follows: G&G box G&G original tappet plate(SHS tappet in the photo was replaced with the G&G one) G&G selector plate G&G piston head Perun optical ETU SHS 13:1 Gears (short stroked 2 teeth) SHS m130 spring (spring in the photo was a stock G&G m120) SHS 15t Piston Swiss cheese'd G&G type 2 cylinder (type 0 cylinder in photo replaced with G&G one) Generic air nozzle Maxx v2 bearing spring guide Maxx flat trigger
  6. Okay another update, I decided to try the stock tappet plate from another one of my G&G gun and i built it back up. My FPS jumped to 365FPS with a 4-5FPS variance between shots. I compared the two tappets and noticed the the SHS fin was much wider and wasn't allowing the tappet to fully move forward. So it was the tappet plate all along. The 365 FPS chrono was done using a 285mm 6.03 Prommy barrel. I put the stock barrel in and got 300FPS on the dot. I am wanting to put a slightly extended TBB in so I sit around the 320-340FPS mark so might extended it to between 175mm-190mm depending on the length of my suppressor. Thank you so much for your help! you have been pretty spot on!
  7. @Davegolf thank you so much for your informative response! I opened the box up tonight and went thought it as you explained. 1. I picked up a small airleak when testing the compression between piston to cylinder that I wasn't happy about. I changed the G&G piston head out for another that allowed the oring to spin more freely and this gave me a near perfect compression. I also swopped out the type0 cylinder for a type 2 as per your suggestion. 2. I tested the airseal between the hopup and the nozzle using two seperate barrel/hopup combos. I found that there was a massive airleak here. You were spot on! I wasn't sure how to tackle this as I didn't have other size Nozzles. But I decided to take the nozzle out the gun, place it in the back of the hopup and blow through it whilst blocking the rear of the nozzle. I had a perfect seal. So I figured I may have an issue where the nozzle is not moving far enough into the hop up unit. 3. I had a used tappet plate lying around that I decided to use as an experiment. I sanded the front of the tappet plate down hoping this would allow the nozzle to enter the hopup unit ever so slightly more. I tested the compression once again as you explained and achieved a seal. I assembled the receiver and blew down the barrel once again and it was still solid. I took one shot and the blew down the barrel again and had no airseal again. Seems I have overspin so the nozzle was cocked in a slight back postion. 4. Now the gun won't feed since I changed the tappet plate which had a slightly different fin pattern. I had taken the delay chip out and thought this was the issue, so I re opened the box and installed the delayer chip but once again had the same problem gun won't feed. I have run out of time, so I will open the box up tomorrow night after work. I am thinking I'll put the SHS tappet plate back in, as the gun was feeding fine with this tappet installed. What do you suggest I do about the nozzle leak and overspin issue? If u suggest I buy a longer air nozzle I can do so, but just fear running into feeding issues once again. With the overspin I can try enable AB on the perun fet to assit? Lastly regarding your comment on the barrel length, 300fps is low:( I might have short stroked a tooth too much but I was doing my best to avoid PME. Should I have taken one tooth of instead? And would this have been enough to avoid PME but aid my FPS? And if I were to to only achieve +-300FPS would you suggest I up the spring to an m130 to hopefully put me around 340FPS? I know this would affect RPS a little. But I do have an ASG boost 30k 16TPA motor that I can make available to counter the loss. Sorry for the wall of text! Let me know your thoughts?
  8. Hi guys! So it took alot longer to get the parts I required to finish this build and some parts have changed. I have put the build together but am experiencing issues. I'll list my current parts and explain what I'm facing and hope you guys can point me in the right direction! My build is as follows: G&G box G&G selector G&G m120 spring G&G IFRIT 25K motor SHS 13:1 gears (2teeth short stroked) SHS 15t piston (Swiss cheese'd bearing removed) SHS tappet plate SHS steel bushes Maxx v2 bearing spring guide Maxx Trigger Perun optical etu Airsoft pros type0 cylinder Double oring cylinder head (Teflon taped) Oring nozzle Now i'v taken it apart and put it back together a couple times but I'm getting around 260FPS and 29RPS. The only thing I can think of is it's tappet timing or a bad seal between the nozzle and hop up causing the low FPS. Or being over volumed so the BB is leaving the barrel before maximum velocity is reached. I have tried a sector delay chip on and off and it hasn't made much difference. I have also tried a 270mm barrel instead of the 130mm stock barrel and didn't see much of an increase yet again. What do you think I have done wrong?
  9. I'm sure I could get one in definetly but it's the price that goes crazy. Currently 1 pound translates to R18.23 South African Rands. So the bad exchange, coupled with import duties and shipping make it exorbitant. The cheapest way is to get it via US or asia when someone visits. But that's like once in a blue moon. However there are some Perun etu's coming to a retailer locally at the end of this week which I am interested in. Im amazed that your gun is cycling fine on that spring and motor I won't lie. Awesome build though! I'm just waiting for my cylinder head and nozzle to arrive and I'll get straight to the to the building. So stay posted I'll have some updates and a ton of questions and keen to get this done with your guys help!
  10. This is awesome information! Thank you so much for sharing this! So jealous! Wish we could get gate's here! Those g&g green buckings are so good. I thought it did better than the prommy purple I used to have. I'm now using maple leaf blue 70D bucking and omega nub. Very happy with the set up as well. It's a very nice build! But I am somewhat confused! An m100 coupled with a 40k motor and 13:1 ratio gears, wouldn't that be PME central? Sorry for all the questions regarding PME Iv just read so many contradictory threads and write ups on the matter.
  11. I very much appreciate your input! Thank you so much! I forgot to also mention the build will go into an ARP556 with a barrel length of 130mm if I'm not mistaken so FPS may be a little lower Than what you have quoted but non the less I understand what is required. In your opinion, should I put the build together, chrono the gun see what FPS I'm getting. Then decide how many teeth to short stroke by based on what FPS was measured? And i'v read some where that ita roughly 10-12FPS per tooth reduction is this accurate?
  12. @AsomodaiSorry for the late reply. My local fields are 400FPS limits, so long as I'm under that I'll be fine. The reason for choosing an m120 was so that I could avoid PME. People have told me that on 13:1 gears and a 16-18TPA motor I should get around 35RPS and be at the cusp of PME so I have been advised to use a stronger spring and if FPS is high short stroke. Alternatively I'll use an m100/m110 spring that should keep me below 400FPS if I don't need to short stroke the gear set id be happy. @Prisce please let me know what parts you are referring too, and I'll be sure to review them and change them out if need be. I'm from South Africa so parts availability is extremely low and I have been hustling to arrange what i'v got. Can you please eloborate on your build a little more as I think it will assit me in understanding this high speed build a little better. What ratio gears are u running? I'd be happy at said FPS and RPS as explained above I'm looking for around 30RPS With a snappy trigger.
  13. Hey guys! So I managed to get a G&g shell and some parts for next to nothing and have decided to do an SSG build with 13:1 ratio gears. I have scoured the internet but there has been so many contradictory things said So I am looking for some advice on what to except and what to look out for. Heres my build list: G&G gearbox shell G&G ETU (they're crap I know but it's in the box) SHS steel bushings SHS 15t blue piston Stock g&g cylinder or airsoft pros cylinder SHS 13:1 gear set Maxx double oring cylinder head Maxx oring air nozzle Maxx bearing spring guide SHS tappet plate G&G ifrit neo 25k motor or ASG boost neo 30k motor M120 spring or guarder sp120(which is like an m130) Now my aim is to have roughly 350FPS to 380FPS and +-30RPS This is the first time I will be attempting a high speed build and I have read a few guides. I intend on Swiss cheesing the piston Correcting AOE Possibly installing a sector delay chip And if I can avoid it NOT short stroking the sector. My question to you is would this build suffer from PME? And if so would you recommend I use the stronger m130 spring and short stroke? I look forward to your input:)
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