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  1. Hey Everyone thank you for your replies. Ive checked out hobbyking and the prices are much better than what i was looking at, ill defo be buying a couple 7.4 lipos and a fire retardant box for them, what charger do you guys have? the chargers on there range from £10 to £100, would i need anything fancy? @Rogerborg hahaha my missus is getting pretty used do the delivery man at the door ive ordered that much stuff....maybe i better answer the door from now on!
  2. Hello everyone Picked up a cyma cm.048m recently and looking to get a battery for it, one it comes with is obviously rubbish as is all freebies, My battery is in the rear stock so i think i need a block style battery. I think the gun can handle a 7.4v lipo or a 9.6v nimh Any advice is appreciated, cheers guys!
  3. I had a look at midcaps for the mac but they are too big, cant store them anywhere so a high cap is my best option. i wanted to swap to a lipo to increase the ROF and think i might try the airsoft world one as im not confident modding anything electric lol plus in order to make the lipos fit you need to mount the battery outside as the battery area is too small in the mac 10s.
  4. I recently installed a ASP trigger set with their m150 spring, says it should be around 500fps, i know they are notorious for underrating their springs but it was shooting 570 fps on .2s Swapped to .43 ammo, was shooting 432fps at 3.7 joules!
  5. To confirm, yes my jg mac 10 is currently shooting 296fps! Cheers Hi, yes ive had a look on loads here and reddit etc, just thought it would be good to have a chat with people about it and ask my own questions, thanks tho!
  6. I did have a look at these but they are out of my budget unfortunately and seem to be similar to there real life counterparts lol! only ones i could find were from bbguns for less under 200
  7. Lol i recently bought it as a bit of a joke/extra gun if my sniper or sidearm decides to play up, i have had a look at putting a longer barrel in as the suppressor is as long as the gun but I like the idea that it is small enough to use with my sniper as im not the ultra sneaky type and have got myself into situations before where it was needed , ive been looking up how to change it to a lipo as the battery is terrible and apparently airsoftworld.net has a converter for lipo which plugs straight in, dont know if you have tried it ? I will test out the FPS tonight and let you know what the results are. Cheers! ah ok, thanks for having a look. i'll have to wait for the sale on gunfire again, cant believe i missed it. means i have more time to look at other guns and change my mind 50 times lol
  8. UMP's do look good! https://gunfire.com/en/products/sw-020tb-carbine-replica-olive-drab-1152219202.html These just jumped in price from £98 this morning to £130! doh https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/jg0448a-au-1g-j-g-works?from=listing&campaign-id=14&q=aug What do you mean by limited? is the range less than traditional rifles? thanks!
  9. Hello everyone, New to the forum but hope i can contribute where i can. Looking for some advice on buying an AEG, i have been playing the sniper role mostly but want to change it up and get closer to the action. I was trying to find a gun that is different from the usual M4/AK/G36, not that there is anything wrong with them i just like to try and make it difficult for myself to find parts and tutorials on fixing stuff Lol. I am very interested in the AUG, its at the top of the list for me on looks but tutorials on fixing and modifying them are limited. The 2 AUGs in my budget are either the Snow Wolf Augs or the Jg Augs, i understand they are supposed to be the same internally but would be nice to hear if any people have these and can give a bit of advice. think id prefer the A2 or a3 to have a custom sight etc. any advice or help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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