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  1. Jaxx

    HPA or Gbbr

    well after all the great feedback, I received, I bought myself an mws. I went onto the mws thread on here and used all the great tips. for instance I bought the brass nub, in order to hop heavier bb’s, i bought myself a really soft rubber bucking. But I also changed my mws externally, to go for a more shorter pdw style approach, as I play mainly indoor. and this is how it looks now What do guys think?
  2. I’m really interested mate, are there rail covers aswell?
  3. Jaxx

    HPA or Gbbr

    All done,it’s easy to fit, in fact, I find most upgrades, and maintenance jobs on a gas gun easy, it’s one thing i most love about owning it, once you’ve stripped your gun for the first time you’ll realise how easy it actually is
  4. I’ve been trying red gas, it’s working ok, just every now and then seems to dump out gas Already got one
  5. That g3 looks outstanding mate
  6. Spot on mate, I really am trying a mate of mine to take some advice off other airsofters, he’s not inexperienced, just wants to try something new, but I think he needs to get advice off the majority rather than the few. I believe it’s the best way of moving forward. i totally agree with all your comments here and that of the other 2 posts. Ultimately we listen to others an then make the wrong choices anyway.(and are then in a “told you so moment”) but this advice is really accurate Not sure why it’s merged my reply with adolfs there 😆😆😆😆 obviously i f*** it
  7. For life starting out in airsoft, I feel the vast majority of us buy aeg’s, and over time we see others with different guns, different systems, and that cog in our heads start to turn. What to do next? Do I go gas, hpa, or do I upgrade, what I have. My question, to whoever can help. if you stick with your beloved aeg. What do you do to Improve it? And what does a gate Titan do, that a Warfet dosnt?
  8. So a few weeks ago I purchased an ssp1 hi cappa, it was a snap decision and 1 that I’m starting to regret, the minute it arrived I stripped it, lubed it, and the next day I skirmished with it. It performed horrendously, so I took it to my local airsoft shop and tried all different types of gas with it, and was still firing way under power. was like I was firing a bowling ball from a drain pipe one handed. I have since changed the springs inside it and will try again with warm mags, hopefully it will improve once warmed up, anybody else have any stories regards novritsch’s guns???
  9. Considering selling my ssp1, only had it 3 weeks, will never step outside tm realms ever again 

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    2. DestrO


      noob moment. how do i turn off notifs for this post?

    3. Cr0-Magnon


      Hope the issues iron out. I've found that some GBBP'S (seems especially airsoft Glocks), need time to for the slide/rail to bed in.

    4. Jaxx


      Really hope so mate (Cr0-Magnon)

      appreciate it though

  10. Jaxx

    HPA or Gbbr

    😂😂Just ordered the brass nub, that’s a must, just need to know how to fit it now
  11. Jaxx

    HPA or Gbbr

    Absolutely mate, it’s awesome, I believe it’s the way I see airsoft in its entirety, the feel of the recoil when fired and the kill when you hit someone(as long as they take it lol) there so accurate and consistent, still getting use to the mags, but it’s taken airsoft to the next level for me, and I’m really happy that this thread has helped you too, I think most airsofters get to a point where there ready to do something different, whether it be hpa gas or maybe recoil aeg, but I think there’s a lot of us that are moving from aeg to gas or hpa and the mws ticks many many boxes, and you never really here bad reports. good luck huddy, next thing is,what can I do to my mws 😏 to make it Evan better?
  12. Jaxx

    Tm hi cappa


    • For sale
    • Used

    My tm hi cappa used as mainly a side arm, works flawlessly comes with one mag and all original parts and box will also throw in a Poseidon barrel and two piece guide rod plus short stroke rubbers, has 2 in currently


  13. Jaxx

    HPA or Gbbr

    I’m now thinking converting my krytac to hpa, how much did it all cost? I finally have my mws, I went for the slightly shorter barrel, cqbr block 1, and I absolutely love it, it’s on a totally different level, give me gas and air any day, no more aeg’s for me
  14. There are a couple near me.halo in Huddersfield, which is really up close and personal and the games run really smooth and are loads of fun, then there’s level 2 Atherton that’s a real top quality site, really big and really well run, and definitely, by far the best site I’ve ever been to, other than maybe tac house, rip
  15. Jaxx

    HPA or Gbbr

    Really appreciate all the reply’s I’ve had with this topic, and it has influenced me 100% to go for the tm mws , and tbh when I buy a gun I want the insides to stay original, barring wear and tear, so tm is king for me, as for the mp7 I’d love one but I own a pdw(krytac) at the minute so it has to be my cqb back up( as I do love it) but I reckon once ive tried gbb then I’ll end up only buying gas tm,s.
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