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  1. Im stuck between dirty dog and ntac, this one is dirty dog and its always busy and games are fun, the other site is pretty much dead last time i went there was 10 of us. i am not desperate for high rate of fire but would be nice i just want fast trigger response ,increase accuracy and reduce sound as it sound like my gun is winding up before its shooting, it lasts only like quarter of a second but so noticeable in a fire fight. Im believe i can sort this out with the shimming suggested yesterday and the gate titan. But will i need a new motor to increase the power to the gear so i can have a fast trigger response. Im not saying i have the fastest trigger finger in the world but i its pretty quick and especially in close range in what we call the village its burst or semi so makes sense to build it around that. Do i need a high torque motor or is there a sewat spot motor where i get the best of boths worlds anyone close to dl5 post codes that arent hours away?
  2. Class that, its a shame really that what happens but hope the titan does its jobs and the shimming thanks for you help guys appreciate, i will delete this post or can someone delete if i cant i will probs make a new one in a weeks time when all my gears arrived and my gun dont shoot no more haha GG
  3. To Be fair i agree with you totally, its i want to be able to have a gun to show off. I know its sounds shit but everyone at the sites talks about how they shooting over these limits ,with 30rps. On the range asking people if they want a go. And im their with slow rate of fire and small range, You not what i mean? Its not that im not listening i have a word document writing all these key stuff down to do more research on. I hate not be ale to do stuff especially giving some one £25 to change a spring. I appreciate all these comments, Tbh i surprised how many people have replied especially how quickly for that im grateful. I just want to have a gun that can be efficent and as perfect as possible. I know its far fetch but thats it. I enjoy airsoft been playing for 5+years been through 3 guns and want to step up a bit to next "level". I plan to upgrade everything i can to make it as efficient as possible I have bought my : new spring M110 The rocket shims things I plan to buy the Gate Titan V2 Probaly in the future look at the hop up and motor And i had no idea about this before 12 so i call that a win! GG guys
  4. so what would i higher torque motor or a high speed motor and if i were to get one what would you recommend, is it just how efficient its it with the power from the battery
  5. will i still get the increase rof and trigger response with stock motor?
  6. I agree with some of you guys recarding the on sites gun techs, you guys know anybody that will do this do this for me withing in 50miles of shildon in northeast that i can send with parts to fix and build i dont want to spend 3O on the on site tech but i will see what comes back so i will keep the gears i have,shim my gears which looks pretty simple, purchase the gate titan, Any particular motor i should get to go with the titan? the only 2 ive seen mentioned are Asg ultimate cnc 30k motor SHS (RA) HIGH TORQUE MOTOR 16TPA (LONG)
  7. so what am i paying for when i spend that much just the abilty of using changing wireless
  8. so @Lozart the motors im am looking at and have been recommended are the SHS (RA) HIGH TORQUE MOTOR 16TPA (LONG) asg ultimate basic motor any others i should be contemplating ? I have the Shims and M110 coming sometime this week Still unsure on the Gate titan and the gear ratio. Do i need to buy new gears if so what do you guys recommend. Hop up upgrade as well? any suggestion of parts and i think im almost there at least i am trying dude, i have to learn somehow
  9. Where do you buy the shims from any links of preferred sites or can i buy them locally at depot stores
  10. Ive seen alot of you mention a gate titan? what do you mean by this, i found one but it is really expensive. Thought i found it here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/GATE8-Gate-Titan-Advanced-Wired/dp/B07KPLSPXW/ref=sr_1_15?hvadid=80814136423957&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=gate+titan&qid=1560779892&s=gateway&sr=8-15 Is there any cheaper alternatives? if not can you link me to what im should be looking at right, how do you take this part out of the lower receiver as i got stuck i thought is was the trigger causing the issue but not to sure ?
  11. How do you shim or i this just a youtube task?
  12. well payday is next week so when you say everything what do you mean? obs everything but specifically? Ive built pcs in the past so my guess would be all the parts need to be compatible, how do i know this? After you guys response i want to focus on trigger response and reducing the sound output by making this function a lot better/smoother If you can give me a list of thing i should get
  13. Well i chronoed lowest 290 and highest yesterday of 310 which was almost frowned upon by the officials saying i should get it sorted which is what im gonna do. Im shooting 25.s i just want to be on a level playing field because everyone does. I dont care if i have to buy parts to achieve this as this is why i work. Im just looking for parts and recommendation to compare and decide. Im obliviously not tech savey, and want to learn, i thought this would of been the right platform to do so , This means i dont have to pay 30-40 to change a spring which must be simple or replace a motor. Also i currently have a 13inch barrel ( 6.03mm) does extending this effect anything
  14. I have dissembled my gun today but couldn't get into the piston out of the lower reciever to practice for when my spring arrives, and is it difficult, is replacing the motor hard and is there any videos you have used that i may find useful I am using lipos with stock everyting What do you mean by gear ratio? Will that motor fit into my Phantom mk5 ? probaly changed to .20s aswell as cheaper, i was told .25s were better. Once i get it past 350 i will start the steps to bring it down as i feel like im a such a disadvantage got people managing to dodge my bbs haha
  15. okay thanks guys i had no idea, i am just regurgitating what people have told me on site, so lets rephrase it to 350 what will i need?
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