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    Hi all I am selling my Nuprol aeg due to not going to airsoft anymore! It has been upgraded with a prowin CNC hop up, Omega Rubber and Nub. The gun will come with x3 High Cap Magazines I also have a few other extras on the gun itself at the moment that if wanted can be included or taken off at the buyers expense those items are as followed. Eotech replica Holosight Dummy PEQ-1 Box Flash Hider with screw on suppressor I also have a few other items for sale such as a Viper Tactical Carrier Rig with pouches already added. Viper Tactical Hydration pack which matches the vest Please bear in mind I am open to offers on everything. I am willing to go lower on the price to get it gone as it's now just laying around. If you're interested or would like some more information with anything please PM me or contact me on 07852193779 Thanks


    Worthing, West Sussex - GB

  2. ShaqMan

    Viper Tactical Vest


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    Selling my viper tactical vest with or without the front pouch feel free to contact me on here Open to offers


    - GB

  3. Hi all was wondering what range you guys should expect to see from a setup like so. CNC hop up Omega Nub and rubber 0.28s I made a previous post regarding this but asking a different question so had to change it so it's not a copy thread// But yeah, what ranges do you guys expect too see from this kind of setup in an aeg I'm hoping for around 50 meteres what do you guys think? FYI these upgrades have been put into my Nuprol Delta Enforcer AEG Site limits are as followed: 1.2J 350FPS 25RPS
  4. Looks beautiful mate, I have the same one what have you done internally and externally to the gun is like to get my gun looking like this😏
  5. On a gun with around 350fps how would this affect the Joule rating I know many sites obide to being at a 1.2 Joule limit wouldn't using a .28 push it over the threshold?
  6. Okay brilliant in regards to the heavier ammo it would push me just over the Joule limit by about 0.15 so if need a lower power spring, I've added up all those items together misusing the hop tracer unit as I feel it's not necessary as I have just ordered the other hop unit and i wouldn't use the tracer and minus the titan MOSFET as I don't think I'd really need it as if just replace the contacts if needed and the pricing comes to £47 with the motor gears and shimms, in my eyes that's not really expensive whatsoever, is this all of go for really?
  7. Okay brilliant I'll take a look at these and weigh up my options all I want to do really is increase the affective range to around 60 meteres if possible not fussed about the rate of fire as what it's at now is good and realistic of what a airsoft gun can be
  8. Alright, basically I'm not shy in spending some money on upgrades and that, I love the shape and current changes I've done to the gun already from what I'm seeing though as the best parts I've already brought for the hop up unit all from ak2m4, what else is there gearbox and motor? How much are we talking roughly to get that running better? Would it just be a new high torque motor? The gears are all metal I believe
  9. Brilliant guys thanks for your comments I've gone and brought the stuff from ak2m4 hoping to see that arrive soon I've been told by a lot of people that the Nuprol alpha is a really really good gun gearbox wise out the box on par with most 350£ guns out there?
  10. I don't understand why the prompt smooth is a bad buy? What would you guys suggest I purchase to put in the gun to increase the range as I'm looking at buying a bunch of stuff today. Am I being realistic by saying I'm looking for 60/70meteres or is that me dreaming?
  11. What do you guys think? I'll be ordering this tonight CNC prowin hop unit Prometheous smooth bucking Prometheous Flat Nub Prometheous 6.03 tighter barrel 285mm All these are going to be going on my Nuprol Delta Enforcer, any suggestions as all I'm looking for is extra range? Hoping to be able to hit roughly 60/70meteres currently shooting 340fps on a 0.25 getting 1.1J Site limits are as followed: 1.2J 350FPS 25RPS
  12. Could you elaborate more on the lap and polish part?😊
  13. Okay cheers bud I'll take a look at that, it already has a 6.03 barrel come standard as well.
  14. I've got the 9" Nuprol Bravo I believe it is, I'd like to know what is the best path for me to go to get some more range out of it/upgrade paths not too worried about the RPM side of things as it's a solid speed now! First time upgrading so be kind on me, ideally I'd like to know if/how I could get the maximum range still staying in my site rules of 1.2JOULES and to keep it as an Full Auto. I'd like to know where I can buy the upgrade items from and what individually they will do to have an affect on the gun and also realisticly what range and consistency of power/groupings am I going to see? Here's a picture of her so far My gun so far
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