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  1. Cheers thank you for the info
  2. I'm trying to get my hands on a 416, just a quick question, would the VFC 416 be more reliable and better all round than a WE 416?

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    Hi all, I'm after a main gun so I'm looking for a 416 or possibly an m4 style rifle preferable gbb but will consider a AEG, send me a mail No particular budget so just shoot me an offer As close to South Wales as possible Cheers



  4. Yes I accept those limitations, I have owned gas guns before, and just got a WE G23, new is preferable and yeah mags are expensive but that's is to be expected due to the nature of these magazines vs AEG mags
  5. Is there anything acceptable in my price range? I could get an MP7 as they would be cheaper and use it in the summer then buy a Specna in a few months closer to winter Cheers pal
  6. Hi guys, been looking for a few weeks now for a new gun to start playing again, was looking at the Specna Arms Sa E11, but can't find any in stock, as the mosfet and trigger system appeal to me aswell as the internals and QCS system, but I'll be honest I really prefer gas and have plenty of propane for free so running costs won't be a problem there, I prefer the noise and realism also. So I'm looking for a good 416 gbb rifle to buy my budget is around 300 to 400, not too fussed on finish but must have readily available replacement parts and magazines etc Looking forward to your recommendations Thanks Or I could settle for a nice MP7 and buy a AEG for the cold times
  7. Anybody ID the above gun, also think I'm going to get a Specna Arms (416 style or m4 ris) , they have some nice features for an out the box gun, especially a FET and quick change system
  8. I see what sort of budget am I looking at for a good quality EBB Thanks Also anybody ID this gun
  9. Any guns which take a lipo as standard and also would like EBB Never heard of Specna Arms must be a ewer company, I'll have a good look after work cheers
  10. Hi AFUK, new member here from South Wales, have owned airsoft guns on and off for almost 10 years, never got into playing as couldn't find a site near carmarthenshire, now there's seems to be 3 but only 1 or 2 active, looking to buy a new AEG and GBB Pistol.I have still a G36E which has been stored for 5 years only shot 100 bbs or so, as it never chambered properly, will post pics later so members could possibly advise me to scrap it or fix it and ID it.If not I'm looking for a new starter AEG, are G&G guns still good like there m4 series, I really like HK416s too, and it would be nice to be able to use lipos 11volt etc and have a MOSFET fitted stock, but not necessary And what is the best Glock style pistol as a side arm? , only gas blowback please, We Glock Series I'm thinking?Anyone here from around Carmarthenshire?Cheers Budget for AEG Around 200 but will stretch if it's quality and will shoot great out of the box, don't mind upgrading in the future too 100ish for pistol Thanks all
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