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  1. IRJR

    WE mp7a1

    ²@Pigeon_Haris Thank you very much, I plan in dealing a groove in the screw and I'll glue in a driver bit. See if I can get it out. I'm aware of a few issues with the we mp7 as a few friends have them. The bolts holding the nozzle in are slightly different on theres. I could simply have a lemon. Currently I'm sitting at about 360-365 fps using ASG ultrair. The npas was cheap at 16 quid so I thought its worth a go. If the consistency isn't there I'll look at other options, maybe make the nozzle adjustable. I know that's very popular on GHKs. I dont fancy making the barrel smaller as I do plan on running the angry gun mp7 silencer with tracer unit built in but we can always see. Thanks for all the help. I'll have a look at all the recommended links once I'm finished work! Cheers buddy
  2. IRJR

    WE mp7a1

    Well you see, the TM isn't full size. It was also only £50 more expensive. If I were going to get a good gbbr I'd get a GHK. I wanted a full size MP7 and I also wanted some help not just a snarky comment. As typical of the community. Thanks for nothing I guess
  3. IRJR

    WE mp7a1

    Hi guys. I need some help from a more experienced set of players. Just received my mp7a1 and I've tried to install an npas today however the screws that hold in the bolt/nozzle stripped immediately and basically fucked it. I'm planning on drilling them out but can someone tell me the exact length, width and such of these screws so I can replace them with hopefully something better Cheers boys and girls
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