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  1. Excellent. Thanks for the help mate 👍
  2. Ah ok, I thought that's where it might have gone, but didn't want to start putting it in places it shouldn't be. I've already ordered a madbull blue shark 60 degree bucking as a replacement as it is recommended for 320-370fps builds, the original one was ripped into 2 pieces, the o ring around the dial for the hop up looks pretty dry/cracked so could probably do with replacing whilst I'm at it. Do I need anything specific or can any o-rings be used?
  3. I had a quick look round and it turns out that spring had dropped off at some point without me realising. I evenutually managed to get the barrel off again (not very easy without that spring in place!) But it came out with that much force I've ripped the hop up bucking. From watching a video online if pretty confident I can put it all back together but the other thing is there's a small brass band that needs to be somewhere in the assembly and no videos I've seen showed where that part needs to go
  4. Hi all, I have recently got myself a brand new a&k m249 (mk2). I took the outer barrel off and the inner barrel+hope unit came out with it. Now I have put the gun back together, it is sliding forwards and backwards. Have I broke something?
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