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  1. I bought a socom gear novak next years ago (6 years ago to be exact) and ever since I first got it I have had gas issues with it. At first I thought it might be the mag so I bought a new one of those but that fixed nothing. I searched around and didn't find anything about it online so was just kinda stuck on what to do. eventually I just kind of forgot about it, until the other day when a friend mentioned posting on forums about a gun of his and he was able to fix his issues. The issue is hard to describe to be honest but it seems to me like the gun just vents gas when fired, kind of like those absolute last few shots out of a mag if you get what I mean? This happens pretty much as soon as I fire my first shot. If I'm lucky I might get like 3 shots before the mag acts like it's completely out of gas. I've tried gassing the mag for a longer period of time but it seems like I could sit there and fill it for a week and it would be exactly the same. I've attached a few pics of the gas adapter I use and the the mag's fill valve cause for all I know I'm using the wrong kind of adapter. If any other pics would be useful then I'd be happy to post them. I'd also be able to make a video to help you better understand the actual issue if requested. I'd just love to get this thing working, It's my favourite pistol out of all the ones I own and it doesn't even work haha.
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