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  1. I would likely get the WE Scar if I am going with WE but I have hard that the Army R36 is compatible with WE components and according to this guy who owns both the R36 has better value and is just as good.
  2. Thanks, you have probably given me the most helpful responses so far, I guess I will get the Army Armament R36 and upgrade the parts which will help me get used to the internals of a GBB, I heard you had to take it to part and lube it but I didn't know about the other things, thanks I will be looking into some guides on caring for a GBB.
  3. Thanks, your reply was really helpful, I was looking at the WE Scar and I am now considering getting a boneyard one and fixing it up/upgrading it. I wouldn't mind doing that as I like the idea of upgrading it and taking it apart and changing it. It would be my first time doing it but what ever I get I plan on upgrading as ik there are gonna be some compromises at this price point.
  4. I can deal with 50 rounds in 1 mag, it teaches you to not miss and not to get shot. Both the guns I am looking at are accurate enough, I have seen them hit a target each time at 70m.
  5. Thanks, looks good, I like the M4/AR style as well as most of them can take real parts e.g. rails and grips. Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks, also Ik it isn't much of a difference but my budget is around £200 not £150.
  6. Ik that but I have heard you can just import them in bulk for cheaper sometimes, especially with M4 mags apparently. I was also looking for one that came with more then 1 mag as well. I can buy mags later down the line if I need more and cant get a good deal on them.
  7. Yh I was looking at WE, I dont know why I put my budget at £150, Its actually £200. I might actually go for the JG polymer body.
  8. I dont really care much about the price of the mags. Really I am just looking for a gun that has a nice kick from the recoil and upgradability. I have seen polymer body versions of the JG M4 with a polymer body, do you know if I can put a metal body on it?
  9. I mean one that's good for the price and isn't a bad one, which is what I have heard about Well GBB's as they are meant to be bad quality and break a lot.
  10. Ik that's a pretty low budget but I am looking for one, preferably with a metal body(doesn't matter much though.). I have been looking at the Army Armament R36 for a while now, its only £120 and I have heard good things about it, even on this forum, I was thinking of getting it and then upgrading it. I also saw the JG M4 GBBR with a full metal body, on OnlyBBGuns but it is out of stock and that shop doesn't seem trustworthy. The gun has lots of good reviews from what I have seen and I would really like it but can't find it anywhere else in the UK. The reason for the budget is I'm a teenager an
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