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  1. This definitely does need to be a sticky. The reason I mentioned the small tanks is because the tank that I got with the gun is a 13cl. Tanks are cheap enough that I would much rather replace one every year than push my luck. i kinda know now why HPA is called the dark art hAha
  2. I found a place near me that does it for a fiver which isnt so bad. I think the small tanks do not require servicing so yay for that. They are cheap enough to replace anyhow. quite the headache though I am starting to debate if its worth it
  3. Good day one and all Are most paintball / Airsoft sites equipped with compressors for HPA tanks ? I bought a beautiful HPA CA M15A4 with two Upper receivers (CQB and DMR) and mancraft converted to HPA and I didnt do my homework. Where else do you charge your rifle tank if not at the site ? Is there a cheap way to do it at home ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Is this some sort of fetish the new kids are in to ? I am still trying to understand the tide pod one.
  5. The MB08 from Well is an L96 semi clone (Type96) which doesn’t have the offset magazine (no silly loading mechanism) but you are limited in parts to APS2 platform (Airsoft pro and PPS) the cylinder piston, springs etc is L96 compatible but the trigger is special.
  6. I don’t know about specna but the well MB08 is a Type96 and it’s epic for the price.
  7. I think from what I gathered from this I am interested in the VSR 10 and the L96 both of which are readily available cheap and with plenty of upgrades. @Rogerborg got me thinking about the Well MB03 as something to build on. I was also looking at the TM L96 to build on as well. I am pretty good with my hands (I build guitars :)) so I am hoping this will be a fun journey. I think overall in my quest for something Unique the only way is to make it myself. So so here is a last thought .. does it make a huge difference which brand you use as a starting point? Is there an advantage to starting with a TM L96 over something from Taiwan gun ?
  8. This he This helps a lot actually the modify and M40 have been my favourites so far
  9. And I don’t like it being pushed down my throat every time I look at a YouTube video but I agree
  10. I am curious what made you say no to novritsch ..I don’t disagree with you I just want to know your reasoning.
  11. Good day ! so here is the situation. i am looking for a spring bolt rifle and I have rounded up the usual suspects. I do not want an SSG24 or an SRS I have rounded up the following and was wondering if you guys had any insight as to which is the best way to go. Modify M24 TM VSR-10 G Spec TM M40A5 Ares MSR which do do you think is going to be decent out of the box? Which do you think is built like a tank? Which one is the better platform for upgrades to make it something truly remarkable? is there one that is a no brainer ? Am I wrong to dismiss the SSG24 and SRS? If you had to choose only one to be your rifle which would you choose ? Any particular upgrades you think are a must ? I know that parts of this topic have been covered in other threads and I have looked and read through some of them. I was just hoping I can consolidate what you’d think so I have a better platform to work on. Thanks in advance
  12. So I am a professional photographer and have been now for over ten years. The first thing I would say is a circular polariser does not help with exposure. You might be referring to a variable neutral density filter. I know for a fact that some consent might be necessary before hand when shooting people who are otherwise unexpecting due to GDPR so your site must inform (not consent) other players that an activity of that sort is actually being performed. From the pictures I have seen I would say the first thing to work on is some framing rules and techniques. I know it might be hard on the field to frame properly but in editing it should be achievable. i hope this helps of you need anything else photography wise I am always happy to help. Not to get technical here but most photographers shoot into the sun not the other way around. Albeit using a fill flash to illuminate the subject against the background. The most unflattering look is if the sun is on your subjects eyes making them squint and creating shadows on their faces that are undesirable. If you do not have a flash you can shoot at a 45 degree angle where the sun is behind the subject. If you have a lens hood on this creates a flattering look without the use of flash.
  13. Hahaha I almost pulled the trigger on that one too so to speak. Dude you should buy it there is no reason why you shouldn’t .. you spend all that money on take outs and beer and all these things ‘I know I do’ and then when it comes to a weapon that will serve you for years to come you contemplate ? Do it you damn hippie .. buy that gun !
  14. WackyIraqi


    Thats the idea and it is probably also more suitable for DMR which I am building a rig for.
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