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  1. Not been on site with it yet, so only tested accuracy indoors. Seems consistent enough for the price tbf. £99.95 from bbguns UK. But the price is up to £119 now.
  2. Cheers. I did buy a plastic protector, but it's the wrong type of fitting. I need to get a rail mounted one now. I am in SW London(zone 2). Happy to drive, but it's always a nightmare bursting through traffic on the inside of the M25. Thanks for the recommendations. 👍 Gun came in 5 days. Got it for a steal at £95 and free shipping. I ordered extras from gunfire.com. happy with must if the bits that came from there. Quite a bit cheaper than buying from uk., But downside is flat rate shipping if £15 so you need to be buying a decent amount of things for it to be worth it. Delivery from Poland was still speedy at about a week.
  3. Not sure if I ever thanked you... So wanted to say thanks for the help and advice with regards to the batteries.
  4. Been waiting for all the extras to arrive. As stock with added reflux sight and fore grip. Then with suppressor and extra mags with a 3 point sling. need to find a good place on the outskirts of London for a skirmish now.
  5. Spool. I have a battery for my g36 and for my electric pistol. Is there a balance charger that has dual ports as they have very different connectors. I'm assuming if not there will be a connector that exists to convert it for the charger, but wanted some advise first. See attached for pictures if the batteries and their connection types. All help appreciated as always.
  6. Will post some pictures when it arrives... 👍
  7. Thanks very much for that. They have been discontinued though. I assume for the newer models. Thanks for everyone's help. I've bought one now... plus a grip and a closed reflux sight.
  8. Cheers, will check out the ICS. Thanks for the charger and battery advice too. 👍
  9. Hi all I know these guns are both made by the same firm but is there a stand out between the two. I'm assuming the G36 as it's slightly more expensive, but the 518 is a newer model, so was wondering if it might have newer internals? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you can also advise what reticle reflex or other optics would be suitable for either gun. Thanks Links to the guns from patrolbase here. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm-011-g36c-assault-rifle?pv=7406 https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm-518-m4-w-custom-muzzle-brake
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