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  1. @P13 that one's aren't ballistic, but thanks for the feedback!!
  2. So.. What that means, aren't the ESS land ops & Tactical XT great? lol
  3. What about the ESS Tactical XT? People talk beautiful things about this goggles on the USA...
  4. Can't use contact lenses. I understand it doesn't work with you, and I really appreciate your feedback It's a shame that all airsoft stores sell shitty goggles/eye protection, most of them not even ANSI certified. There is a big lack of options...
  5. Ok, I was about to buy that ones, but they aren't on stock on that store Do you know any other store with them on stock that send to all europe? Thanks
  6. Yeah, I know they have deeper lens, but they seem smaller in terms of width (compared to the normal ones), aren't they?
  7. Hey guys! Thanks for all the feedback. @Lozart I don't know if that goggles are better than the normal ones. I can't find any feedback on the web, or videos so it's hard to know. The only video I've found seems that they are really tight to be honest.
  8. Are the Bolle x1000 big enough then? Thanks!
  9. @herosharkWhat's the differences between the normal Bolle x1000 on that store, and that ones? It's that hard to fight fog? I see many people on other forums saying that they don't have problems with fogging. I can't use contacts
  10. Hi guys! I need some advice from airsoft players that use goggles with glasses. I'm searching for some ballistic goggles compatible with glasses, but it's really hard to find something truly good in the UK / EU. Is there any players on the forum that can help me out? I see that there is some good goggles out there, but all of them are sold on USA only and are very expensive to import. Thanks.
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