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  1. That sounds good what is ASG ultra air. Who sells it??and where can I buy it from that will post to Australia
  2. Hello I currently own both the Tokyo Mauri 1911A1 Colt Government and the M.E.U 45 SOC I am wanting to upgrade the two Tokyo Mauri’s so they will be able to take the more powerful gas (propane Green gas) without braking. I’m currently using the Duster gas and was wondering can I upgrade parts on these Airsoft guns to be able to take the more powerful green gas. If so what parts do I need to upgrade so I can use the propane, green gas all the time, without the fear of it breaking Also too are there any people out there who own these brands and model airsoft guns who just use the propane (green Gas) and have been for awhile and never had any issues with broken parts I would love to here from you with what I can do to upgrade, or can I just forget the Duster gas and use the propane green gas please help
  3. Thankyou so much for all your help I would be lost without this forum
  4. Thanks buddy your a great help I appreciate it Just one last thing can I use any silicon oil for the propane and gas lubricant I can get the Abbey Gun Solution Silicon Gun Oil 35 at my local gun store is that ok to use for the lubricant
  5. Thanks for your help so just to confirm so I’m understanding The cooler the temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius use the propane And the temperatures above 25 Celsius use the duster gas and chrono the gun to make sure the FPS isn’t off the chart as that will ruin your gun thankyou
  6. Cheers Thanks heaps Over here in Australia we don’t compete in airsoft like over in the US and Europe we do paint ball that does not interest me I’m just going out on my mates farm at the back of nowhere, and teaching my kids gun safety and a bit of fun shooting tin cans I also like tinkering around with them taking them apart and maintain them so I won’t be using them all the time and they will be well looked after So whats the maximum temperature to use the propane gas. And the maximum temperature for the 144 Duster Gas before it damages my Tokyo Mauri and Western Arms sorry for my ignorance but I’m very new to this
  7. Hi Thankyou for your reply’s I just gone and brought on EBay an airsoft innovations propane adapter kit And a airsoft propane filling adapter for green gas tank with silicone O il port should that work ok with a propane gas or duster gas So just to confirm with my Tokyo Mauri and Western Arms stock 1911 pistols, it will be ok to use the propane gas or Air Duster gas with these airsoft guns as long as I use the silicon as a lubricant as I can buy this gas over here in Australia and also online just to also inform the forum I will also be using the Abbey Predator 144 maintenance gas every fifth magazine to help lubricate the seals will that be ok for these airsoft pistols Thankyou for all your help
  8. Hi Thanks for that but over here in Australia the 144 gas is a controlled substance so I need a license to buy it. Is there another alternative. Can I use Propane I can get that no worries will that ruin my guns
  9. Hello all new to this forum please help i currently own the Tokyo Mauri and Western Arms 1911s the gas they use for theses guns (green gas ) is dam hard to buy over here in Australia is there an alternative gas propane Co2 or equivalent in the green gas that I can use that I can easily buy over here in Australia or does anyone know of a company overseas that is willing to ship the gas over to me I was looking at getting the Abbey predator 144 gas but it is hard to buy over in Australia please help
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