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  1. Thats brilliant definetly looks like the one i want by any chance do you know if there is any work involved or isit a simple case of just removing existing stock and fitting this one in its place ? same fittings etc cheers
  2. Hi all, I am Pretty new to the airsoft scene and my knowledge isnt great so was hoping someone can help me. I bought an A&K M249 Mk2 however I have broken and now lost the butt plate/pad for the stock which covers the battery currently Am having to use electrical tape to keep covered and was wondering if anyone knows where i could either get a replacement butt plate or if anyone has any technical advice on changing the entire stock for something I have found various G&P stocks but from my understanding will require some modding of the gun to make compatible. Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated will try and upload some some pics for reference when I finish work. Thanks in advance Andy
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