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  1. Thanks guys. Any good sites or just google/YouTube chris
  2. My issue it not sure of good places to get the parts from so many out there any recommend places u guys use ?
  3. I’m an electronics technician for the automotive industry so taking examining and rebuild small and synchronised parts and electronics is fine. I’m new to this and the gun is new to me so just want to improve my gun I have partially stripped and the hopup is sticking. So I’m not to bothered about downtime. How would it get converted to DMR ? Just want to learn gotta start some ware if mistakes happen I will deal with them as and when. Chris
  4. .20. It thinking of going heavier.
  5. I have just brought the gun and looking to up the ROF and poss tighter barrel.
  6. Hi does any one know what upgrades I can do to my scar H and where to get the parts ? Thanks
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