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  1. Hey there! My WE Marui M9 type magazine won't feed the bbs inside the gun. At first I thought the problem was in the gun itself, but after taking a closer look at the mag I noticed that it doesn't feed the bbs inside the gun after a few shots. I'm guessing the problem is with the spring? I really have no idea since this is my first GBB gun. Has anyone come across a similar problem? Pics 1 The Mag before shooting 2 shots 2 The mag after shooting 2 shots. The BBs get stuck inside it.
  2. Hello! I'm sorry if this is considered spamming, but I absolutely had to make a new post to ask you, people, here if you just had any idea of this pistol's origins. To repeat myself: It's supposed to be an AMT Hardballer, It's from Japan (Asgk logo), has both semi and auto modes, is powered by green gas that's stored inside the grip and I can find no info about it whatsoever. Now, I did find some new info. The serial number on the side of the gun revealed these pictures when searched on Google The first pictures of the black gun are exactly the same as the one I have (except mine is chrome/silver colored and has no text on it at all) One of the pictures shows a trademark for 1989 Yonezawa Made In Japan. I searched Yonezawa and eventually found out that they indeed used to make airsoft guns (I did not find any info about a pistol though) SO! My question is: Does anyone here have any idea of where the gun could originate from? Could it be some limited edition hyper pricy vintage gun or just a cheap knock off? Any help is appreciated. And sorry if this is spamming.
  3. Now, tbh I still don't think it's a KWC. None of their pistols seem to operate with green gas that's inserted inside the grip. It's really a weird system tbh. I've seen pistols that have C02 canisters inside the grip, but I've never seen a system like this. And yeah, the gun lacks trademarks. The only on it is the Asgk one. No marks on the mag, nothing.
  4. Ah well, I did find a KWC M1911 similar to this mysterious gun here, but it didn't have the same trigger or the Colt150 logo on its grip. Thanks for your comment though.
  5. Yeah, yeah. I do know that. It's definently not a Marushin or a Maruzen. No trademarks or anything. Checked it out. It's not that.
  6. Hello! A few years back, I found an airsoft pistol lying on the floor of my grandma's attic or something like that. I have no idea what model it is and I don't know what the manufacturer is, but this is all I DO know: The gun seems to be an AMT Hardballer, It has an ASGK logo on it so it's most likely from Japan and it also seems to be licensed by Colt itself too (Official logos), The gun seems to be a gas (Green gas) one, but it still has full auto and semi modes, the mags on it are small af and the gas has to be inserted inside the grip of the gun. Does anyone have any idea of what this gun is and who made it? [Pics Included]
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