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  1. 45 degrees in between the burst and semi it shoots full auto.. soooo... guess im going to drill a little tiny dent so i have 4 selections?
  2. Im using fully charged 11.1 3 cell lipo batteries
  3. Just to throw out an update. i've change the selector plate, everything went smooth. But now it only shoots 2-3 round bursts.. i've tried to hold the trigger in semi for 10 sec, but that doesnt seem to work either. I've observed the mosfet. when ever i am to try full auto. in both "burst and full auto" it flashes a red light 2 times at the end of the shots. like it's cutting of power? im down at the bottom now, anyone got some knowlegde?
  4. well, you're right. One of my friends is a mechanic, he says we could take a look at it later, maybe fix it with some 3d printed parts. THANKS!!! you guys are legit the best!
  5. It's from germany. He claims to only have shot a half mag, then never used it. from what i can se on the outside it looks pretty unused, i can't find any scratches
  6. That may have been why it was a lot cheaper than normal, I even got 2 mags, 2 lipo batteries and a scope with it.
  7. alright, i've emailed about 3 different places now. But here in denmark there aren't that many shops, and i don't know if they offer any repairs. Thanks!
  8. Yes, i see it moving. i see the spring go extend when going to full auto from semi.
  9. so what should i do? i'm quite new at this, so i have no idea. sorry
  10. Or could it be, that the mosfet is broken? does the mosfet have anything to do with it?
  11. It is moving. I can even see the spring. Maybe the contacts have gone bad? 20190210_092941.mp4
  12. It fires as in single /semi. I've contacted him, everything is stock and never used. Could it be that the selector plate doesn't push the thing inside that stops the gears ( don't know the name) maybe this can be fixed by stretching the spring?
  13. Hello. I've bought a gun from another person. And I'm in that shitty situation that my gun won't fire full auto. It's a g&g gc16 predator It's also my first airsoft gun. I have no clues what to do. I am quite nifty so taking it apart is an option, but I won't do it without being certain that I can do it myself. I've googled around and maybe something about a selector plate? The gun has a etu and mosfet. I need your help. -nari
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