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  1. So I was just messaging to make people aware that Humber airsoft are doing a special event on 1st of March, they're doing a zombie event that gonna be running from 7:00 to 10:30 at night its gonna be great check the website https://www.humberairsoft.com/ for prices rules etc and I hope to see you there.
  2. Yeah least we don't need fucking orange tips though
  3. Yeah I have that exact tab open in my browser I thought so but it isn't in shopping and I cant find it on any websites
  4. Thank you ! I edited it onto the original post
  5. I wish, have you seen someone in America made a ghostbusters loadout with the backpack its was great
  6. hahaha no I accidently uploaded it unfinished sorry.
  7. Hi guys I was in my local shop in and was browsing for potential new guns to buy, I explain my situation setup ect to on of the workers and he said he had a gun brought in the morning of that day the new ares m4 45 now I really like the look of the gun, the feel, stats ect however when I came home to look at some reviews for a second opinion the only videos I can find are from months ago about its release date and other things like that even on the ares page I cant find any info on it. Please help
  8. looks fairly accurate the patterns really depend on the location they would be dropping into, for example the soldiers were being dropped into Norway they would me using arctic camos, also it depends on the nation that manufactured them due to the fact different countries had different resources and ways of manufaction . Also not trying to be patronising but you are aware that ww2 took place from 1939-1945 so this would have been made after the war also even if it wasn't Belgium wasn't reclaimed until like 1945 off the axis forces so I can't imagine them doing loads off paradropping or incursions into axis territory unless it was manufactured before and used in combat later. Nether the less a good piece and fairly accurate a good buy in my opinion.
  9. thanks I was just concerned because everyone talks about how good it is in CQB but no one talks about outdoor play.
  10. Hi guys I'm quite new to airsoft and am about to buy my new gun the G&G ARP9 Bearing in mind I don't play CQB what internal modifications do you suggest, any answer will be greatly appreciated kaie
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