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  1. AK47, thanks for the help! Here is what I’m talking about. that’s going to be it’s materal and style.
  2. I want to run a light kit, that I’ve finally chosen. this would be in combination alongside a partial ghillie parka to go on the shoulders. so I’m looking for a decent chest rig to hold a few AK/M4 magazines, while alongside a few pouches. I very much would like any camo suggestions as well, but they should be on the darker side on colour. effectively it would be a recon/sniper loadout by the usual appearance of the latter, a light chest rig and matching helicon shirts-trousers. though I won’t be using a sniper, an AK most likely. if anyone can guide me to a kit that has a good capacity but is still lightweight, please do.
  3. can anyone tell me what carrier that is. plus the jacket, colours and other parts of the image. Im hoping to recreate it as a german ksk plainclothes loadout.
  4. ive decided I’m going to order the condor soft shell and see its colour in person, but the colours standard I’ll hold it to should be my carrier. what carrier has a true tan/beige? not a dark khaki. getting a matching tan jacket and mopc has proven a pain.
  5. do you think the tan condor mopc would work, alongside that.
  6. hey. so I’m going for a PMC look / plainclothed special forces. but im stuck between the pentagon softshell or condor one, both look good to me. this would be alongside a tan mopc, but I’m trying to get them to match. so tan / coyote brown. but each picture changes there colour. in short the uniform would be a softshell hoodie ( tan ) mopc carrier ( tan ) blue jeans, black combat boots and the rest. like glasses, cap ( grey/tan ) and gloves ( black ) alongside german patches on each shoulder, the cap and of course the firearm. which would be a MP5. plus a HK pistol. picture below is a reference. thanks.
  7. Thank you, though what do you think the two are in those pictures? Best Regards.
  8. I love the look of the design, yet it’s price is just too high. is there any vests that look close to it in a very light, relatively grey brown? also known as desert tan. the condor carrier plates are relatively okay, but it’s the colour I tend to think is wrong. however the pictures below are what I’m searching for, colour and carrier plate wise. Thanks.
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