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  1. I understand the basic safety rules of handeling the gun and so does they, but they are afraid that it will riccochet of the wall and bounce up and damage a window and personally i think thats highly unlikely.
  2. Another question is if it will break, shatter or in any other way mess up windows. I dont Think the pistol should do it but my parents keep asking. Anyone know?
  3. Im buying from a local store and therefore theres a limited availability. Heres a link to their site so if anyone wants to recommend something from there i would be greatful. It is sadly in Swedish but the pistols names should stay the same as internationally. http://www.rodastjarnan.com/airsoft/vapen-pistoler
  4. Its looking towards the KWC Colt 1911 Stainless CO2. Is it good? One benefit for me is that its at an store near me so i dont have to order online. Right now its selling for 1300 sek (about 105 pounds). Do you think i should buy it?
  5. I live in sweden where the law is that you cant use an airsoft gun without adult supervision, and after my research theres a site about Three hours of driving away which allows people under the age of 18. I would use the gun at home under supervision so that wouldnt be a problem.
  6. Im thinking of buying an airsoft pistol for mostly target shooting but some games (since im under the legal age at most places in my country). I have looked at the ssp1 and the elite force 1911 tac. Do you recomend these or any else and is this a good use for them? Really greatful for any help.
  7. Derailing the thread is no problem its just fun to see where it goes
  8. Any recomandations on these pistols?
  9. Prisce as ciderpunk said the price right now is 135€
  10. Im thinking of buying the novritsch ssp1 should i do it, is it good and what can i expect? Basically any help i can get about like what bbs to buy and more.
  11. If i were to play not on a field we would probaly be around 4 and not 12 just so it would be such a disaster
  12. First things first the drive is three hours and i highly doubht that i will be ably to get my around 10 - 12 friends to get there. Second thing is that i have never played before so its quite hard to be extremly dedicated directly.
  13. I understand that the best way of going about it, is going to a site but sadly there arent any sites nearby and the drive just isnt Worth it.
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