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  1. Alright 7.4v lipo it is. Also, next weekend will be the first time I actually play airsoft down at my local center. Anything I should know before going? p.s how much does Airsoft hurt
  2. Would I be able to use a 11.1 v lipo in a stock gng cm16 raider?
  3. So specna guns aren't any good? Specifically the SA CO5 which has a rotary hopup, alloy handrail, metal gears and comes with a suppressor.
  4. What I'm saying is that would I be allowed to remove the pain from the reciever since if the handguard and stock are painted it's still over 51% of the gun painted a different colour.
  5. Also when patrol base two tones this gun they go rather overboard. If I remove the paint from the centre part would this be allowed since it's still over 51% different colour.
  6. The gng cm16 has a front sight which is t removable, cm16 R8 is out of stock. So about the specna's https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/specna-arms-sa-c05-core-special-ops-carbine-rifle?pv=7964 this model states that it comes with a different spring, what sort of FPS am I looking at out of and box vs with the new spring?
  7. Looks excellent!! Love the lower price but will it suffer in comparison to my friends Nuprol pioneers?
  8. Okay but my only gripe with the cm16 raider is that the front sight isn't removable/lower able. Does this mean I'll have to use sights which are much taller?
  9. Hey everyone, my name is nick and I'm 14. My current options for an aeg are, Nuprol defender pioneer or the gng cm16 raider 1.0. the Airsoft field new me is a huge forest. Both of my friends have the Nuprol so I don't really want to look as if I'm copying them.
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