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  1. SAS1988

    KWC Co2 blowback Uzi

    Alternatively, can the spare parts of an Umarex CO2 blowback uzi be interchanged with the KWC gun of the same name?
  2. SAS1988

    KWC Co2 blowback Uzi

    So there's not going to be any means to get the spare parts I need for my uzi eh? KWC themselves are out of stock, and Redwolf said they have to ask KWC.
  3. SAS1988

    KWC Co2 blowback Uzi

    So I've been scouring the web looking for parts, and even KWC themselves say they don't have any spare parts available. So it's not for lack of skill that I can't repair this gun, the parts don't exist anymore unless I buy a brand new toy haha. I have two questions - what do you consider to be a long lasting, sturdy Co2 blowback rifle with plenty of spare parts support? Second question - what do you guys like as far as long lasting AEG machine guns that are a smaller platform like the Uzi? I personally prefer the full metal versions. Thanks lads.
  4. SAS1988

    KWC Co2 blowback Uzi

    Why does dry firing this airsoft gun potentially cause parts damage?
  5. SAS1988

    KWC Co2 blowback Uzi

    Hi I managed to acquire a second hand KWC Co2 Blowback Uzi for cheap. I thought I would be adventurous after successfully taking the orange tip off my first airsoft rifle to place a BB tracer on it. The label on the item says the nozzle is broken, after inspection from the store. Am I correct in saying the right repair for this item is purchasing a new magazine? I took the upper receiver apart and found no parts indicative of a nozzle inside the gun, just confirming the entirety of the nozzle on this toy is all included inside the magazine. Cheers lads.
  6. SAS1988


    Something I don't quite understand is that Americans just are in the habit of getting either enraged about everything, or labelling "the other side" a couple of expletives and just refusing to compromise. Adult mature conversation is rare amongst policymakers and debaters here.
  7. SAS1988


    It's been too long since I've been away from good ol London, and I'm now deep in the United States surrounded by Trump supporters. Have any of you blokes been able to have a fruitful discussion with a Trump supporter? As in get him or her to agree with you on a few things the Donald has done that are bad for the world?
  8. Hi I've read about lots of things regarding lubricating and maintaining your AEG, from the type of silicone to use, to only spraying here, to using gun grease there. I need a bit of help to make sense of it. I've got an all metal Colt M4 AEG. I'm told the crucial place is to spray silicone into the BB intake port. Is that accurate? Where else should I lubricate? My original box only comes with a very brief manual which does not describe any lubrication requirements. Thanks lads.
  9. SAS1988

    ID a screw and what to do with it

    So I'm not having any success drilling in to this thing. Looking at it more closely, it is indeed a split pin/ roll pin. Can you teach me the exact tool needed to remove this fastener?
  10. SAS1988

    ID a screw and what to do with it

    It's the little pin in center screen. How do I sort out what size tool I need for it? I've never used roll pin tools before. I'm not understanding how to punch it out as there is no opposite side to insert a nail to punch it.
  11. Hi, I've got an entry level Soft air Colt M4 Airsoft AEG which has several parts held together with a peculiar type of screw. It resembles a C shape and is hollow in the center. The center cavity is circular and does not appear to engage a hex, Philips, or Torx. The thickness of the screw is about 0.5 mm about the outside (and about 3 mm across, making a cavity of about 2 mm). The outer edge of this screw contains a thread. Any thoughts on what screw this is and what tool I use to get the screw off? The screw most closely resembles a set screw (screw with no head) but it does not engage a hex wrench or allen key. Thanks lads.
  12. Hi - I've got a Softair brand Colt M4 AEG. My eventual goal is to buy a suppressor style BB tracer, however my US law requisite orange tip appears to be cemented to the metal barrel with a rivet and glue - and I don't know how to remove the rivet. Thus - can you advise which airsoft barrel I can buy to upgrade my device? Cheers and thank you.
  13. SeniorSpaz I am in Mississippi, and I purchased a Colt M4 type airsoft rifle from Softair. I was just considering rookie level toy, for junior gameplaying =D When looking closer at the bottom, it appears to be affixed to the rifle barrel by some sort of C shaped rivet. It's not a screw. If you have any insight into the upgradability of this device please do share. Thanks.
  14. Hi ! I'm a former citizen of London turned US citizen living in the south of the United States, and I've caught the bug of airsofting. I've recently purchased a Softair M4 platform AEG. It contains the required orange tip per US law. Where I am puzzled is that I see airsoft companies selling nice tracer units that screw on to the barrel. My rifle's orange flash hider appears to be superglued onto the barrel. Does that mean I need to purchase a whole new rifle in order to be able to purchase and use a bb tracer? I've tried the magazine type tracer unit and the bb's don't come out shiny at all; I guess the LED intensity isn't nearly bright enough. I'm not certain how to remove the orange tip without some serious heating or solvents.