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  1. Anybody have any zentico parts for sale or any leads to cheap ones? 

    Looking for the following:

    B30 & 31 hand guards

    Rk3 and rk6 grips 

    Pt1 or 2 stocks 

    Any zenit flash hider 



    1. chaoticelements




      I got this for the b30+31. worked well with my Cyma 105, though i had to file away some of the top rail to fit past the flash hider detent, and it could probably do with a spacer or shim inside the receiver but in general fits pretty well.


      Otherwise i'd look at Bunnyworkshop, where i got my asura m4 stock adapter, but they also sell the zenit stocks, top cover rail and such. http://www.bunnyworkshop.com.hk/airsoft/index.php?route=product/search&search=Asura


      how it turned out - still haven't really decided what flash hider to get: 2YcmwQt.png

    2. DarkAhrix


      just got a lct 105 and priced all parts at £395

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