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  1. Indeed, It's Swedish M90. Had G3 cut uniform in M90 made by Roman Kurmaz, and had a minimap and ronin belt made recently. And nah, don't think i'll go for the whole loadout - I'm happy enough with the DCS. Might go for some M81 and Multicam cryes next, though :^) Although, my guns could do with some money being put into them...
  2. I recently took delivery of a minimap and ronin -type belt from my favourite ukranian gear maker
  3. By the looks of it, this guy goes to Black Ops Cribbs Causeway - Who, after their Combat machines were stolen, seems to have replaced them with Tippmanns. I tried out a mate's rental one when we went there. I can't remember if they have stock tubes for the gas or it's in the mag. I'm tempted to say the latter, though.
  4. I did change that out, forgot to mention it, whoops.
  5. I've got a TM G17, with the PGC slide, and a guarder 150% recoil spring. I found that it doesn't cycle quite right using abbey predator ultra, though I'm unsure if a different brand of gas would perform differently. @rocketdogbert By "they run great on Abbey", which gas of theirs do you mean? I've since decided to put the stock slide on it and run it with the stock recoil spring, just to ensure it works and locks back on empty, and gas efficiency.
  6. Please add some way to lower the volume of the sound or mute it altogether. The button pressing sounds are godawful, and make this whole thing a grating experience
  7. That paint will look awful after even a magazine of use.
  8. That's awesome, man. What attracted you to these chest rigs? What made you start wanting to collect them?
  9. I like my helmet, even more since I bought one of the more expensive versions with the proper straps and pads inside - it fits much more comfortably now, and is nice and secure. On the other hand, if it was a bit warmer, I'd probably go with something lighter, like a beanie or bush hat.
  10. You kind of got crucified on Reddit regarding this, didn't you Bright? Jesus... But yeah, I agree with your sentiments there - a marshal should really have been involved here. It may be that the other guy acted childishly, but Matt isn't being particularly mature about it, either.
  11. Tan/Black is always a good colour combo, though. It'd be sweet for a PMC look!
  12. I've seen some people do the same to the older Cottony desert DPM stuff, which might be an idea - the more recent, more plasticky woodland DPM might not work as well, as the IRR coat doesn't take dye.
  13. A guy posted to the /r/airsoft subreddit the other day, about a product he recently brought out, basically a really small steel mesh mouthguard http://imgur.com/a/FLKRc I can't vouch for how good it is, and it necessitates wearing a balaclava (which sounds awfully warm) or having elastic straps all over your face in addition to the not particularly comfy mesh, at which point you'd be better off with the lower half face mask.
  14. I've been looking at picking up a Baofeng UV-5R. What should I know regarding the law and relevant licensing for it?
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