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    lct g3 as dmr, we msk gbbr, we msk aeg, lcthk33, tm scar heavy, ics mp5. and a load of pistols
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    an asortment of tactical kit
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    member of pickwick site near bridgend.

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  1. Hi all, im having some issues with the cycling of my WE acr gbbr. if you put a fresh mag into the gun and cock it it fires the bb but recoil force is very low,it doesnt cycle back enough to pick up a bb but enough to cock itself, pull the trigger again,gun fires but as theres no bb in the barrel it doesnt shoot a bb,however the recoil is very good, gun cycles enough to load bb and when you pull the trigger bb is shot out but recoil is slow so it doesnt pick bb up. This goes on until mag is empty. gun is clean and oiled. Gas is in the mag. On inspection i cant visibly see anything wrong. ive pulled the bolt appart all seems okay. Any advice would be great.
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