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  1. Whitty

    Second hand

    Hi is there any websites that sell second hand airsoft .thanks
  2. Whitty


    Hi do you need ukara to buy parts for gas pistols or aeg ..thanks
  3. Ok thanks guys .i was thinking of going with the tm 5.1 gold match but likewise I’m not to keen on the plastic slide as well...but then it will be more gas efficient 🤷‍♂️
  4. Hi I’m looking to buy a good reliable gas pistol for around £200 what would you guys recommend ....thanks .
  5. 👍 does it fit on your arp9 if so it should fit on the 556 I’d of thought.
  6. Omg I’ve already ordered it 😢
  7. Hi will the acetech 1000 tracer fit the arp 556 .im asking because it’s quite chunky n wide .i know it will fit threadwise ..thanks
  8. Ok a big thanks for all you guys help 😉
  9. Ok cool 👍 Will the raider take lipo batteries
  10. Ok thanks ,I think il try the raider n save some cash for other things like u say..👍
  11. Ok thanks ,I have been looking at the raider but as looking into what other guns cost I didn't want to buy a cheap one n have nothing but trouble with it ..
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