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  1. after speaking to a friend ive decided to go with the sr-16 SPR gun as i can in future upgrade it to a DMR but for now i am going to use it as a normal aeg and use it under the 350fps limit at my local site. im going to get a 455mm 6.02 tight bore barrel and a new spring that will hopefully take it up to around 348fps with the tight bore barrel fitted. im also getting a vari-zoom scope which my friend recommended me as well. the scope has 3-9x zoom. here's my cart on patrol base if anyone is interested. before anyone gets worried i have safety goggles already that i use in the workshop at Rolls Royce they are bolle poly carbonate ones so they should be ok, an they fit really close to my face so there is a small chance BBs will get over the top or under them.
  2. does anyone know what the inner barrel length is on this gun https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/specna-arms-sa-h02-416-carbine-assault-rifle?fv=7947
  3. id prefer a railed hand guard personally so i can mount an AFG and a torch and its still a little out of my price range also is this the right bucking you reccomended https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maple-Leaf-Macaron-Hop-Rubber-Bucking-50-60-70-75-80-Degree-Nub-Airsoft-AEG/322773517760?hash=item4b26cd05c0:m:mxnXBIIWydNqzyfBFoBcORQ:rk:3:pf:0 also what will the inner barrel length be on that one i was looking at, it doesn't specify on patrol base.
  4. ok thanks that really helps ill take a look also would you recommend getting a new spring i i get that specific gun
  5. are there any hops you recommend if i chose a normal M4 and would it be worth getting a new inner barrel if i buy a specna arms sa-h02 the other one i was looking at was this, which if i got would mean i wouldn't need new batteries...
  6. thanks for all the replies and advice, this is why i want to get into this sport, because of the amazing community, do you guys suggest getting a £150-200 M4 and giving it a new barrel and hop. any recommendations of a good base M4 would be appreciated the main two guns i have been looking at are https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/specna-arms-sa-h02-416-carbine-assault-rifle?pv=7944 and https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/specna-arms-sa-b16-sr16-spr-assault-rifle?pv=7920 one main reason i was looking at this one is because it has space in the stock for block batteries which i already have so it would mean i wouldn't have to buy new batteries which saves paying hobbyking shipping for something i already have just in a different form.
  7. Ok thanks a friend of mine who has been in the sport a while recommended specna arms and ive found a good looking M4 by them ill link it see what you think, but i totaly agree with you about getting a better gun out of the box, however my budget for the gun itself is £230 as i need to buy all other starting things so... this one i am looking at is £200 https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/specna-arms-sa-h02-416-carbine-assault-rifle?pv=7944 i was also going to ask if its worth getting a sidearm now or later on? i was looking at a GBB m1911 again on patrol base for £70
  8. thanks mate could i was thinking as another option almost exactly this, i was thinking of getting a G and G FFR A2, and upgrading the hop up to a prowin M4 CNCd hop up chamber however i wasn't sure if i would work as it says its for a marui M4 not a GnG one could you recommend me any good hop ups id preferable get most things off ether patrol base or another trusted site so i don't have to pay shipping on multiple separate orders. thanks for the advice an welcome though
  9. Hi guys I'm fairly new to airsoft and im looking for a longer range DMR to get as a first personal weapon, as i have been 3 times now using a hired M4 on two occasions and a G36 on the other occasion. from the three times i have played, i have found i like to stay at range and make longer distance shots, and i found the normal M4 and G36 to be no powerful enough to make some of those longer shots. i have around a £400-450 budget for all kit e.g safety stuff and gun, and i am looking at a specna arms SA-B16 SR16 SPR, on patrol base. looks like with a stock spring its getting around 320 fps however i was going to get a sp-120 upgrade spring for it to get it firing up to around 393 fps which is just below the limit of the field i am looking to play at which has a 400fps limit on semi auto locked DMRs, was wondering if anyone has any other ideas for a decent out of the box gun my actual budget for the gun itself is £230.I was going to use some of my RC aircraft batteries which are 1600mah 2s (7.4v) packs. i was also planning to do the semi auto lock mod on the gun allowing me to utilse the 400fps limit. any help will be appreciated.
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