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  1. TheBoojum

    How big are Nuprol helmets?

    And here is the result... It's big enough! It seems that my head is relatively long and narrow, and with the wheel adjuster at a bit less than maximum it is perfectly OK for length. I will need to pad the top and sides quite a bit but they provide a good load of padding, so it shouldn't be a problem. The base material seems good quality and the fixtures and fittings seem robust and strongly attached. All-in-all, very pleased (and relieved). Will be trying it in action this weekend. The one I got was the Nuprol Airsoft Fast Railed Helmet Green. Thanks for all your advice.
  2. TheBoojum

    How big are Nuprol helmets?

    I'll see what the Nuprol one is like (and report back) and if that fails will look at the FMA ones. Many thanks.
  3. TheBoojum

    How big are Nuprol helmets?

    I fear you're right Druid - that sounds extremely plausible. I've just ordered a Nuprol one from Amazon and screenshotted the bit where it says that it fits every head size and shape in case I have to send it back.
  4. TheBoojum

    How big are Nuprol helmets?

    Thanks Skara. I feared that it might be the case. I might try getting a Nuprol one from Amazon ('cos they look good) and if it doesn't fit, return it on the basis that the description is wrong. But I'll also look at the one you suggest.
  5. Hi, Looking for a helmet for my 62cm head. Reviews say that the OneTigris ones will be very tight. I then looked at the Nuprol ones. They say that they are Does anyone have one, and is this true? Are they a comfortable fit for a large head? Thanks.