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  1. I'll be honest as a currently serving member of HM Forces...for a film trailer...the requirements seem a bit overkill, they're talking about testing you on base level fitness assessments for the Police in order to ....film you. You're not going into a live environment nor are you going for a job that could potentially secure you a 26k a year. If you can do all of that stuff if i'm honest...go and join the Police it'll give you much more of a reward!
  2. Had a great game with you guys looking forward to next time!
  3. For those heading down tomorrow I'll be the guy in mtp with zap pa2982... feel free to say hi !
  4. Although relatively new to Airsoft, i'm not new to a tactical environment. From what I've seen you do get the guys who take it very seriously and invest 1000s on gear that, only makes them "look cool" and does not increase their performance (it's about how you use the weapon not what weapon you use). The flip side to this is that they think because they've "paid to win" they're entitled to brief up other players on how to conduct business in a tactical manor and generally have an elitist view which in most situations i've found wrong. My opinion is that providing they're not offending anyone or affecting their game, let them crack on... you'll always have Walter Mitties, i just like listening to the "one time i passed my parachute course in vietnam whilst jumping with a 105mm" and having a giggle as i walk away
  5. i need somewhere to run out all of my gear before next Sunday..it takes me about an hour 30 to get there so i might give that one a miss this weekend but give me a shout when you go next and i'll happily make the travel for a game
  6. That is a shame! Does anyone knows any other games on this weekend
  7. Heya I'm thinking about heading down this weekend...anyone else heading over ?
  8. Hey mate, I play Astroneer and a ton of other games....and always up for someone else to play with. Add me on steam: subatomichades or find me on TS : TS.taskforcebravo.com
  9. High Wycombe area, let me know if you get a game going Prisce always interested / wouldn't mind meeting a few people who've done it for a while
  10. Hey all, Let me know when you next go, i'm more than up for it!
  11. snuff, Let me know when you go next i'd love to get involved and live just up the road in Walters Ash! Although still very new to airsoft.
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