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  1. Geap

    Airsoft World

    I buy all my stuff from them, never had a problem, very friendly and helpful, very quick delivery 🔫👍🏻😀
  2. Hi Guys,. In your opinion, what's the most realistic Vietnam era M16 (AEG) out there? thanks Geap.
  3. Geap

    Home practice

    Maybe their is an "Air Gun" Club out there that would allow Airsofters to use their Range 🔫👍🏻😀
  4. Does anyone know of any "Air Gun" Clubs in Kent that might allow "Airsofters" to use their Range ? 🔫👍🏻😀
  5. Geap

    Home practice

    So it's blinds closed, TV or Music up loud, then I should be okay lol,. Sheesh, why can't someone just open up an indoor range here in Kent, 🔫👍🏻😀. ( just both my Neighbors are old Peeps and I think the slightest mention of "Gun" would send them into meltdown, lol)
  6. Geap

    Home practice

    Thanks Jedi, MisterT, the TV idea sounds like the best option 🔫👍🏻😀
  7. Geap

    Home practice

    Thanks for the replies (new to Airsoft). Are Electric Guns much quieter than the Gas ones?
  8. Geap

    Home practice

    Hi Guys, I have a 28 Foot Lounge/Diner and had a go at shooting my Pistols indoors (net catching target box etc) but it seemed very loud and am worried in case the neighbours hear it and maybe call the Police, is it legal to shoot these at home indoors and any advice on making things quieter 🔫👍🏻😀.
  9. We could really do with an indoor Range in Kent ( does anyone know what happened to the "Kent airsoft Pistol Club" ?). Are there any indoor Ranges in Kent for Airsofters ?
  10. We could really do with an indoor Range here in Kent, does anybody know what happened to the "Kent airsoft Pistol Club". ( does anyone know of any indoor Ranges in Kent area?)
  11. Went to Apocalypse for the first time on Sunday (just to use the Range). Only there a couple of Hours but found the Staff very friendly and helpful, will definitely use again. 🔫👍🏻
  12. Hi,. New to Airsoft too, I've been looking for the same thing, I'm off to Apocalypse on Sunday ( apparently they have a Range there?) if you find any others, let me know 🔫👍🏻😀
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