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    Tippmann M4 omega


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    Hi I am selling my tippmann M4 omega, I have recently purchased this gun and has only been skirmished once, but sadly I need the money so I am having to sell. The gun is in immaculate condition and is pretty much brand new, it comes with 4 mid cap mags and 2 3000 psi bottles, the trigger on this gun is amazing and so snappy and resoinsive, the rof can be changed to 3 speeds to suit all different types of players. The FPS can be changed also due to the inbuilt regulator. One of the gas bottles is scuffed due to dropping it while running but works fine none the less. Please feel free to ask any questions.


    Doncaster, South Yorkshire - GB

  2. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has got one of the new tippmann omega guns and what your thoughts are with it, I got one and I think they are pants, the distance is terrible and the shot groupings are all over the place, I replaced the hop rubber with a prommy purple and it is still really bad. Would buying a new barrel (Prometheus) make a huge difference in performance? I'm new to hpa so I might just be doing something wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. The GAOL is an amazing site to play, I live in Doncaster too and my go to site ATM is phoenix Airsoft near Clumber park, generally it's a really good site, there is also skirmish Airsoft which is pretty much across the road from pheonix, that is primarily a paintball site which also runs Airsoft there too so the grounds are more set up for paintball players, however it's not a bad day out. I'm going to a site in driffield near hull this weekend called HQ Airsoft and looks really good so I'll keep you updated 👍 do you tend to play on Saturdays or sundays?
  4. Mr B

    New hop up

    Thanks guys I appreciate your feedback, I'm going to get a new hop up and new bucking and see how it goes.
  5. Mr B

    New hop up

    Thanks I had a brief look at those too, does a new hop up make a good difference or will a new hop up rubber do about the same?
  6. Mr B

    New hop up

    Hi everyone I'm new to the site and I'm looking for some expertise, I have recently purchased a tippmann omega m4 and out the box it's pretty much trash, I want to buy a new hop up for it and I've been looking at the maxx and the prowin. What is the difference between them as the maxx is pretty much double the price, I'm going to get the prommy purple hop up rubber or the g&g green and a new barrel down the line, I would like to see what you guys think and thankyou.
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