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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 6 hours

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    TM Mp7. Fully stock. Has the JST adapter. 6 high cap mags, 1 mod cap. No battery. Torch not included. Looking to swap for ARP9 or something similar. Cash offers too.



  2. Time Left: 5 days and 6 hours

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    The 416D has: Maple leaf barrel. Prommy Purple bucking. G&G Predator internals. ETU. Mosfet. 3 Mags 2, 11.1 lipos, 2, 7.4 lipos. Ares Striker has: Upgraded Hop Up Unit. 2 Mags With it being an AEG spring, its only firing at 300 fps, roughly. Open to offers on the swap. Cash offers too. Willing to split.



  3. m1ck10v1n

    H&K 416 D

    Just after a rough price for this, all the internals are from a G&G Predator, ETU and Mosfet. Madbull Barrel and Prommy purple hop. Make/brand: H&K VFC 416D Any accessories included: Holo sight, 11.1 lipo, 7.4 lipo, 2x. Pictures:
  4. Well, due to issues with the predator, I have put it in the 416, just not sure on which hop up unit as my predator hop up doesn't fit...
  5. The externals are good, i just prefer the predator.
  6. Managed to decide on what to do now as I cannot find any prices online for the shell. Just going to HPA my Predator, swap the parts over then sell it. seems like the best way to go.
  7. I was told H&K 416D upgraded VFC Uramex when i brought it. all of the gears and part of the trigger unit was shredded.
  8. Hello, not sure if this is the correct forum but yeah... So I brought a 416 off someone, "accidently" put an 11.1 lipo in it and just completely shredded everything. So i have had it sat for a while as I cannot be bothered to fix it. Would anyone be able to inform me of the value of the body? (entire gun, no internals) or would it be worth trying to fix it then sell it? Thank you. I shall be including a picture when i manage to get one.
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hello, here I have the SRS, looking to swap for hopefully an LMG. Other guns considered. It has been skirmished 3 times, it's in perfect working order. Fast Hop Installed. Scrapes round the barrel end. Included: Scope. 3 Mags. Scope Protector. Sling mounts/Sling. Grip.


    Mansfield, Nottinghamshire - GB

  10. I brought it and put the hop up on myself, got a 150 spring on the way too, I have tried looking online and cannot seem to find anything about the lock screw, it doesn't even turn half way. They do need to change the included spring though, 320 fps.
  11. Shall do, is it not good enough out of the box or is there another reason?
  12. Just an update, decided on the SRS, then TM 416 next month. Thanks for all the help, I hope this is good ootb
  13. It says one is a pull bolt and one is pull back, got to find it in stock though.
  14. https://www.skirmshop.co.uk/srs-a1-22-inches-barrel-od-pull-bolt.html This one correct? I did buy a ares striker, it was so bad, no matter what I did to it, it just would shoot straight, mine would go right and my friends would go left, seemed strange. I have 3 assault rifles atm, so don't really want to get another one tbh. But thanks for all the help.
  15. The reason I was looking at the Ssg24 was because I can get it for £550. The Lmg is A&K MK46 MOD 0 (M249). TM seem to be good, the 416 I was looking at seems to require a lot of converting to be able to use mags/batteries, unless you want to spend £50 on a battery. ATM I have 3 assault rifles, hence why I'm interested in something different.
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