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    Holo sight, bipod grip, silencer
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  1. ScouseReaper

    Need Lipo help! :-(

    The charger was from Amazon, got the cable from eBay, I'll swap them round I think. 👍
  2. ScouseReaper

    Need Lipo help! :-(

    Cool thanks for the help, it's a bit naughty, seller said it was for airsoft, just as well I questioned it. 👍
  3. ScouseReaper

    Need Lipo help! :-(

    Ok, thanks for the replies, I'll keep it charged then, turns out I was missing an adapter so I ordered a tayima to mini tayima adapter, now I'm no cable expert but this looks dodgy as hell to me, aren't the cable colours supposed to match?
  4. ScouseReaper

    Need Lipo help! :-(

    Hi all, I'm trying to discharge my lipo batteries, please forgive my noobness but I can't figure it out, I'm using a htrc B6 mini v2, and the instructions are shit, and the Google searches haven't helped at all. I'm using 3 cell 11.1 and I probably won't use my m4 for a good few weeks now. Can anyone help me with the discharge/ storage settings and what needs connecting where please? whatever I try the charger just keeps saying disconnect.
  5. ScouseReaper

    Something fell out of my new rifle

    Grub screw, just wouldn't budge at all, I've given up for the night, the dickhead that tested it has tightened the screw to the battery compartment that hard I can't even test the damn gun.
  6. ScouseReaper

    Something fell out of my new rifle

    Didn't work it's that tight it's just fucked it's thread looks like it's staying. 😞
  7. ScouseReaper

    Something fell out of my new rifle

    Ok cheers any idea how I get this off, it just won't budge no matter what I do?
  8. ScouseReaper

    Something fell out of my new rifle

    Hi people, Hope you're all ok, I have just had my cm16 intermeadiate delivered and I'm trying to take the keymod off I followed a vid online of a similar weapon but I haven't had the result I'm after (see pics) The guns now in two parts and I thin black peice of metal fell out from somewhere while I was trying to put it back together. Can someone please let me know what the piece and where I need to put it? Also how the hell do I get this keymod off so I can put a suppressor on? Regards A stressed newbie 😣
  9. ScouseReaper

    Hello :-)

    We do that effect on people sometimes. 😂
  10. ScouseReaper

    Head/face protection

    Hi folks, after chatting with one of the guys over the phone I've decided to send the full face mask I ordered back and get a helmet/ half face mask combo with Googles, my budget is £100 tops for all 3, preferably less. Could anybody give me some ideas please?
  11. ScouseReaper

    Hello :-)

    A lot of the sites by me are CQB, it might be useful given the sites available. 🙂
  12. ScouseReaper

    Hello :-)

    I did some research and decided on this one https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-armament-cm16-intermediate-predator-series-combat-machine?fv=6747 not high end but not cheap either, good enough to get me started I thought, I just need a decent side arm now. 🙂
  13. ScouseReaper

    Hello :-)

    Hi all, Names Jon aka ScouseReaper, bit ott i know but i'm a pc gamer, we like our crazy names. I'm looking for fellow Scousers to kick arse and take names with, I'm just about to get my first airsoft rifle delivered in the next day or two so I'll looking for people to go to sessions with. I went straight for a G&G cm16 intermediate, rather than really cheap, hopefully it was a decent choice. Anyways I'm waffling on, i'll see you around the forums. 👍