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  1. That’s amazing sorted it right out, cheers mate.
  2. Hi everyone, Just received my maple leaf barrel, hop up and bucking drop in set from skirt shop for my Tm g17. But, the hop up wheel seems to be stuck? i can’t move it either way. Is this a normal thing for a new hop up or is something wrong with it? thanks for your help
  3. Thanks for your help guys think it is the hop up as you say gunna have to get it sorted cheers 😊
  4. Just had another look and the gun cycles but when the magazine the bb just falls out once it is cocked. Cant see any obvious damage
  5. Thanks for replying Everything seems to work normally and neither mag leaks I haven’t touched the hop since the game before last where it worked amazingly and shot at at least 300fps so I don’t know what’s happened.
  6. Wondering if anyone can offer some advice. Was using my glock yesterday, went to chrono and it would just not fire correctly. Some would go about 5 metres and some would just roll out, it came out at about 110 on the chrono. Which is very odd and first time it’s had issues like this after owning it about a year. I know it’s getting colder but weather wasn’t too bad yesterday and fairly warm considering so didn’t think the green gas would really be affected. Any help would be great, cheers
  7. Thank you all for your help
  8. Thanks for replying, just want to use use it for cqb-medium range. It’s my first airsoft gun and just want to do some little upgrades to learn a bit and improve it. Budget is about £100 thanks
  9. Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help me with some simple upgrades for my G&G warthog 9”. Just like the barrel and hop up and any recommendations would be great 😊
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