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  1. so ive recently got a TM hicapa 5.1 love it, looking to upgrade it alittle i currently have installed a 6.02 elite custom tight bore barrel and just purchased a 75 degree maple leaf autobot bucking how ever im having issues fitting this into my stock hopup unit anyone know reason solutions for this?
  2. That sounds like a brilliant idea that should be the only award.
  3. You've convinced me. I Renounce airsoft tournaments 😂 😛
  4. I mean this is true but in USA tournaments they have many marshals that will see when you cheat. More than usual that is.
  5. So ive been airsofting for a long while and am part of an established team. In the process of looking for local competitions or tournaments I learned that there are practicaly none in the UK at all. I can understand events like these will require alot of effort and high interest from players to work but I am still surprised there are none. If I am wrong about this let me know but I just think it's sad. We know it works they do many in the USA speedsoft (not a fan of) and skirmish based tournaments alike. Let me know of any opinion or facts you may have on the topic.
  6. yeah theres some good sites in the area.
  7. have done before in the undergrounds, I currently go to university at Portsmouth so yeah its pretty common we go there
  8. Oh at holmbush. I haven't personally but alot of our members used to go there regularly. I'll have to try it out some time.
  9. Many around West Sussex mainly at EAG Dorking and Portsmouth tunnels but we move about depending on people's needs used to goto Epson tunnels as well but they have recently closed.
  10. Ah well we operate in West Sussex but if you goto local skirmish sites your best bet is to talk to people there and find your self a local team.
  11. Hey y'all im part of a smallish (around 10+ players) airsoft team called Corporal Punishment, were operate with in west sussex. we have a variety of experienced players (as much as 5 years) and new players who started a couple of months before the Zeroone National Airsoft festival where we operated. we also have a variety of ages from 17-22. Anyone interested is completely welcome, we have little requirements and are a laughable bunch, however we do attend milsims and many events, we have custom patches and distinct camo. anyone intressted is more than welcome to join us at a Skirmish and see how they like it. thanks for reading y'all
  12. hey bud, where abouts are you living, we have a local team but you need to be near by all welcome
  13. hey bud but I think the best bet is a G&G Combat Machine, incredibly reliable and adaptable, where abouts you playing at pal.
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