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    Planned: Cyma AK-74, WE TT-33, Cyma AKMS
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    Planned: Eastern bloc inspired late 70s, Russian "little green man" ukriane rebel
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  1. I think it's the best he could do with the constraints
  2. Here a AGM sten that's been turned into an MP-18. For beteeen 2/300 hundered euro he'll make you a MP-18.
  3. Exactly Hes very very prepared then!!🤣😁
  4. True, I guess If you has adequate flank protection you'd be fine
  5. Ive seen people take the AGM sten and make it into a MP-18... and a vickers would be devistating
  6. Very true, although the Germans did have SMGs in ww1 so if you could convert a sten that would level out ththe field. But I get your point on how disadvantaged you'd be as a ww1
  7. How popular/ un popular is World War One? As a loudout? Only I think it would be quite cool to see a German storm trooper in a airsoft match
  8. I mean who don't love lomewolfing it? 😁😁😁
  9. Thanks for the help!!! Much appreciated
  10. Maybe at some point I'll pick one up
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