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  1. Just played my first game and agree about the hydration pack.
  2. First day of Airsofting.........loved it.
  3. https://centurionsafety.eu/product/concept-air-helmet-and-flip-up-visor-kit/ total head protection will fresh air. Battery powered Blower unit feeding fresh air to the back of the helmet which is feed to the face.
  4. Jolly nice of you, but I wouldn't want to be responsible for knackering it for you lol. West Norfolk here too, southern side of King's Lynn. Keep browsing AEG's it'll save me £25 a time if I buy a two tone, but a number of layers of paint would look crappy in the long run. Wish I had my UKARA or a friend with one!!!! Seen some nice G36C's.
  5. Good to hear. I’ll give it a go. You local?
  6. @Reevy Good to hear you had fun, I play my first game next week. How did you find playing at Combat Thetford. This would be one of my local sites. I played paintball there a few years back and thought it was an awful set up. But I’ve seen nothing but praise for those playing Airsoft.
  7. Reading this, I’m beginning to regret spending £18 on some MTP kit prior to playing my first game Gonna look a right knoob.
  8. I’m playing my first game at Urban Assault on Saturday 1st Sept. It’s near Ramsey Cambridgeshire so not far.
  9. Just booked my first game and managed to get my son to join me. Going to be be one of those special father son losing your cherry together moments 🙀 Booked in at Urban Assault Nr Peterborough @ RAF Upwood on Saturday 1st Sept. Looking forward to it, give me a shout if you’re there. Cheers.
  10. Is that the one off the A11? if so played paintball there a couple of years back. Awful experience. Way too many people on site. Where there 2 hours before playing our first game. 60+ players per game, team mates running through your line of fire. Poorly marshalled. Been to Skirmish near Swaffham and another paintball site out in the sticks near Wisbech which were both much better. Not sure if they play Airsoft. Having read the beginners guides and a little googling I’ve decided just to go and play my first game. I’ve persuaded my lad to join me too.
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