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  1. Luckily not with my local site where there is a DMR limit of 500 FPS /single action/30 yard engagement.
  2. I have just put a 130 in mine and im getting around 420 ish which i feel is low for this spring (was hoping for around 470) so you may be able to get away with 120.
  3. Ah thanks, Had a late night and got it all sorted out. For others - info that might be of use - I used a sharpie to black out the selector plate and then all worked just fine. I'm also running similar battery though I just put in a 130 spring as I'm pretty sure mine came with a 90 (300fps on .2's - UK spec according to LCT). Accurate range now is unbelievable though I think I'm pushing up around 460 fps - will crono later on, motor is getting a little warm.
  4. Ordered Iceni - did you end up putting in a Gate Titan - just got mine in and having issues with the selector - just cant get it to register , blacked out all i can but no dice
  5. Zibs nice n cheep though they have a minimum spend order so if anyone else wants a sling in the UK let me know and I'll order a bunch. Very tempted to get the real wood fore-grip and stock - you gun looks superb Iceni.
  6. Nice writeup Iceni - I have the G3 and its definitely very well put together, not had any feed issues yet with the midcap but the the fps is certainly low. Just ordered a Gate Titan to put in so will take a peek internally then though not to sure on tappet plate corrections - could you elaborate a little? Planning to put in a 130 to lift up the fps a bit to (looking for around 450-475) so I can use this as a true dmr, factory fitted 120's get you to about 430-450 apparently (USA market). Looking for slings now :)
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