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  1. Dyngsur

    What brand!

    Yeah okej, so best thing is to look for a solid metalbody and then uppgrade it?
  2. Dyngsur

    What brand!

    My budget is not as expensive as SYSTEMA but i got money.
  3. Dyngsur

    What brand!

    Yeah! Hehe GK5 is nice but i like the M4/HK variant more!
  4. Dyngsur

    What brand!

    Hello! My name is Johan and im from Sweden! Thinking of starting with airsoft cause my brother plays! Im looking for a AEG m4 variant with steelbody, i wanna uppgrade it later with precision pipe, better mosfet etc but not necessarly in the start ;) My budget is not as expensive as SYSTEMA but i got money. Ive been looking into ICS guns and Krytac. They seem nice but you guys that have played for years prolly knows more than me! So the question im asking is what brands do you prefer? I want a solid gun that not brakes and i wanna uppgrade it later on so it can be a real killer gun. So i guess the most important part in the start is to find a gun that doesnt brake easy with a solid metal body that you later can uppgrade! Hope you can help me out, and if you saying you like a specific brand can you please write the pro's and con's of it! Best regards Johan!