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  1. Is there a way of getting the 45k suppressor working on just the M93R and no comp? Idk if its threaded or not its hard to find out
  2. Yeah i guess, i just really love the M9 series, i know someone said about changing the outer barrel on a M93R to a normal M9 barrel and that could work, im not sure im too bothered about it being flush anymore. But that 45k suppressor is amazing. Maybe ill just get a high capa xtreme :). The mk23 does look pretty good. But i really want that m9. But what about the M93R :/
  3. I found an adapter which might work with the compensator (the one you recommended which is apparently CCW and the 45k is CW). See what you think of it: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Barrel-Adapter-Marui-14mm-Airsoft/dp/B011KC4L10
  4. Ok, anything else you recommend? Eye pro and clothing wise?
  5. I cant find the thread on the ebay listing, where do you normally find these parts anyway? And other than the ARP 9 what other guns would you recommend? I really like unique guns but they tend to not be very reliable and normally cheaply made. And idk i think the G&G is better as it has better internals for gas efficiency and has a decocker.
  6. The 45k is a clockwise thread. I dont know what the thread is on the compensator. On your opinion what should i get? The G&G GPM92 or the M93R? or should i get a different pistol? I really like that suppressor. Also do you recommend any starting AEGs? I really like the ARP-9 but idk if i should get something else, or get a pistol or something idk. Thanks a lot for your help.
  7. Whats up with clockwise and counter clockwise? Do you need a counter for a normal or do they both need to be the same?
  8. How would the 45k work? would i need an adapter for the compensator? Because it looks like it needs one to screw into it.
  9. What is the thread size of the extender? Is there a way to get the 45k to work? I really like that suppressor and there is the fps mod which you can buy with it.
  10. Thanks! What would i need to do to cut it down? Would i have to rethread it? What would i have to do? (As ive never had a proper airsoft gun- well i have a warrior l96 but thats a tad on the cheap side).
  11. Thanks for responding, do you have a link for the silencer? If not is there a way to get the 45k one to work? And would that compensator work on the M93R? thanks a lot
  12. Ok, so i recently went to my first airsoft site, quite liked it there but the rental guns they gave out where the worst thing ive ever held. So i was browsing through some airsoft guns (as ive done for a long while even before i went to the site), and i love the look of the m9 series of guns. And i was wondering about a few things ( im not sure if ill get an m9 any time soon but i would love to know some information about it). I love the look of the "TOKYO MARUI RESIDENT EVIL 7 SAMURAI EDGE ALBERT W MODEL 01", because of that brilliant hexagon suppressor, and the attachment which makes it look flush with the gun. I was wondering if there was any way of getting that suppressor and attachment for something like the G&G GPM92, or something along those lines because the G&G model is probably the best quality and has the underbarrel groves for flashhiders and stuff. I found the silencerCo 45k suppressor line, which i adore, but it uses a 14mm barrel and the GPM92 uses a 12mm barrel (and i dont know how the counter clockwise and clockwise system works with suppressors). I dont know how the 12mm to 14mm adapters would look, are they ugly? Idk i just want this gun to look as flush as the resident evil model. And it would be so cool if i could have that suppressor on something like the KWA M93R with that attachment. That suppressor type just screams amazing, but i dont know what type of barrel extension thing there is for m9 type guns so it can look flush. And the m93r has a compensator on the end, so im wondering if there is any outer barrel changes i can do. And i dont even know if the m93r has a threaded barrel. Basically, what i need advice on is adapters which make the suppressor flush with the gun (like the one below), and how will i get it too fit on either the G&G GPM92 or the KWA M93R -and how would i get an outer barrel to work with it on the M93R because of the compensator and i dont know if it has a threaded barrel). Thanks a lot for your time. Link to the Resident Evil albert review: G&G GPM92 Showcase: KWA M93R Review: SilencerCo 45K suppressor:
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