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  1. ZARIA: Day on Armor XIII video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMVj9P6_W-Q
  2. In mid-September the game ZARYA: Wargame'XIII took place at the military training ground in Alabino, Russia. 3,5 thousand players collided during the 24-hours game. Military equipment - tanks, armored personnel carriers, military trucks, military helicopters of the Russian Army - attended at the field. Teams from France, China, Finland, Belgium, Estonia, Israel, Donetsk, Abkhazia and all over Russia visited the event. We’d like to share with you photos and videos from the event.
  3. The informational battle will take place on 15-16 September during the game "ZARIA: Wargame XIII". The headquarters of the media groups of the parties "North" (yellow) and "South" (blue) will unfold in the press center of the military ground Alabino. The main goal of each of the detachments is to glorify the victories and achievements of their party. Fighters of the detachments will report at the hottest points of the ground, interview the heroes of the game, mount videos and write notes. They'll need to be sociable, resourceful and play by the rules. The most important thing is to treat the enemy with respect. The main stages of the battle for the detachments: - building the internal structure of the detachment; - distribution of the tasks; - collection of information; - preparation of materials for publication; - publication; - maximum distribution of materials. The headquarters of the detachments will be completely equipped for work: - tables; - electricity; - Wi-Fi; - tea-coffee-cookies-sandwiches. Participants in the information battle will carry out tasks not only in the press center, but also in the playground. To enter the game area, they must observe the safety and appearance requirements and have: - protective glasses; - military clothing; - party marking (yellow / blue); - badge of the media-detachment; - red rag (red light - for night). It is recommended to have a helmet, walkie-talkie, tactical vest. Fighters of the informational front can not be armed. As a participants of the game, they have to meet the game rules and in case of defeat they must go to the respaun point and enter the game according to the general rules. The result is not summed up with the outcome of the military tactical game "ZARIA: Wargame XIII". Approximate number of participants is 30 people. Registration fee - 1200 rubles. REGISTRATION: vk.com/topic-156848108_39135776 The results will be announced on Friday, September 21. The winners will be awarded in the pub "Guns & Bears". The history is written by the winner? Winner in the information battle!
  4. Hello! As I said before - I'd like to show you some videos from the game. This is a video made by RedWolf Airsoft TV at ZARIA - WARGAME VII. And soon we'll have the XIII's one. Every time it's goes more and more impressive! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jkTlmFHikg
  5. Wait till I'll post video from previous ZARIA-Wargame'12 - it'll look much more awesome) You're welcome to write me here or you can contact our orggroup by [email protected]
  6. We have, but unfortunately it's mostly in Russian. Here is a link for the page for foreign players: http://orgstrateg.ru/index/15-09-2018-vojna-trinadtsatye-sutki-na-brone/2-uncategorised/114-for-foreign-players.html The next game of series will take place in May 2019, BTW. If you need any organizational help to go to the game - I can answer your questions.
  7. Dear friends, On September 15, the world's largest military-tactical daily game "ZARYA - WARGAME" will take place at a military training ground 40 kilometers from Moscow. This is the thirteenth game of the series. The game involved modern Russian military equipment: tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, helicopters. The game itself runs for 24 hours, but many players come in advance to chat and have a good time in a friendly atmosphere. The number of participants reaches five thousand people. Airsoft players from China, Israel, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Brazil, Estonia, Greece, and other countries come to the game. We are ready to answer your questions. In the meantime, we’d like to share a few photos and videos from previous games of our organizational group.