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  1. Well once and once only I played the "Payday" game there. Which worked really well. 2 Briefcases. Only one person can hold one briefcase. You CANNOT put it down once you have it unless you are hit. Only people with briefcases can pick up money from the vault room on the basement level. Everyone else has to protect and make sure their team keeps the case until the end of the game. This means the game moves around where people fight over, at first its the briefcases, then its the vault then its a defend the briefcase type thing. Also if its possible to do the "final" round with the smoke machines on that would be awesome. They basically fill the main area with smoke and then do a "spooky" game.
  2. This Saturday? Okee dokee. I also might be able to take the spot of someone in a group I'm in, but thats also TBC
  3. Gah my works changed again, any chance I can get in on this or is it full?

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    Do you hate getting shot in the hand? Wondering why you bought fingerless gloves? Maybe you just want your fingers to be more invisible against your already invisible camo fatigues? Then look no further! Brand spanking new Mechanix Fastfit Multicam Gloves. Size Medium. I bought these straight from amazon, but sadly they were a tad small and then I missed the returns window. Got them for £17.99, tried one hand and then left them in the bag since then. So absolutely no use and still with original tags and bag. I'm also going to NAE (National Airsoft Event) so can bring there if helpful. Otherwise can post if not.


    Maidenhead, Berkshire - GB

  5. Oh cool! Yeah I think I know who you mean. TBH most of the guys there are pretty awesome. I'll ask next time i'm that way. Cheers!
  6. I'm also in the same area, is Luke one of the Marshals or one of the regulars?
  7. Yeah I understand! No worries, planing on trying to go before then anyhow! Just wanted to try and get to a game with no hires (THE DREAM). Sadly I can't change my schedule, its work thats getting in the way (a long almost 2 week job). Hope you all have an awesome game though!
  8. Given that there may be many more than can fit, could it be worth doing a date on the 13th as well? I mean I'm saying this from entirely selfish reasons because I can't make the 6th ha!
  9. Sticks


    Its not about licensing its about fair use of space taking in consideration with power and frequency. I mean I could come along and use a 12.5W burner transmitter and then nobody would be able to talk except me. This is kinda the same as what you do when you use your 4-5W transmitters in an area of spectrum designed for 0.5W. You may also feel its over regulation or needless licensing, but I know the other side of a deregulated, no license "free for all" (such as the TV spectrum in Milian) and trust me, you don't want that.
  10. Sticks


    No I'm sorry that's just not true. In the link https://baofengradio.us/baofeng-888-black.html It clearly says they are 3-4W of power which is well above the 0.5W power limit of the PMR license/standard. As mentioned by other users and also on this particular blog https://www.essexham.co.uk/news/baofeng-bf-888s-review.html the frequencies the 888 comes programmed with are not ALWAYS the same, and the frequencies used are often not PMR ones. Of course as @Jedi_Master suggests you can re-program the radio, however the power output cannot get low enough to be considered for PMR. A lot of people make the assumption that you can just buy any old radio and use it out the box, admittedly this is not helped by manufactures not having to mention any of this (Unlike the radio mic world where its pretty much stamped on the box if you don't by a license exempt one) They are NOT sold as PMR radios, looking on Baofeng's official webpage they make no mention of PMR
  11. Sticks


    Baofeng 888's are not PMR radios, the easist way to look at is if they aren't PMR radios out the box, then you can't use them as such. Baogeng 888's are a reprogrammable "business radio" which require a licence to use in the UK basically.
  12. Sticks

    Radio License

    It's also worth noting that if you do get caught you'll almost certainly have your equipment taken at the very least or face a massive fine and there's very little you can do about it in terms of litigation (i.e. ignorance is not a valid defence).
  13. Sticks

    Radio License

    This was a lot of peoples reasoning for not purchasing a Channel 69 license for radio mics. And until the spectrum buy out happened they were right... Then suddenly they were left with unusable equipment and nothing to show for it... Also use licensed spectrum without a license regularly enough and you might find someone from ofcom sniffing around that area... Though I admit its probably massively unlikely for the light license spectrum, they care more about the TV "interleaved" spectrum or stuff interrupting vital equipment (i.e. planes and EMS). TL:DR Rodgerborg is right, you're unlikely to get caught or for anyone to care, but you should buy one, to both stay legal and it shows use of the spectrum to ofcom (so maybe they think twice about selling it off)
  14. Sticks


    I mean its a personal "entertainments" use, the same as event coordinators would use for say managing a carpark or a small office security team might use. Yeah thats true, MOST sites aren't really going to be large enough to warrant a 4-5W transceiver, particularly as most are outdoors a PMR radio is always going to be the easiest and simplest solution. Personally I like my UR-5V because it can have some neat accessorises and the 5W helps get through the thick concrete walls of my local site, the mall. Plus I like playing around with radios as a hobby. But also all of this is being discussed here already:
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