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  1. APOModern

    new handgun

    That's my bad. Yeah no aep is shooting that far stock haha Did some more digging and wound up really liking the Glock. Thanks for the help, just need to get some WE extended mags for it 😆
  2. If you HAVE to pick one, I'd go with the newer 416 as mentioned. Great build and fits the bill for both cqb and outdoors.
  3. Get both! they are both amazing!
  4. APOModern

    new handgun

    Hmm, the glock sounds good. What makes it so good?
  5. Yeah, preupgraded doesn't mean anything. I'd recommend against the carbine however, it's going to be too long to use in a cqb field. The cqb length won't have any sacrifices in accuracy and range though, so I'd say that one is the best of both worlds.
  6. I'd go either KWA m226 or elite force glock 17/19 for an american handgun.
  7. APOModern

    new handgun

    Looking for a new handgun, it has to be really good, and hit close to 100 feet accurately because I have a sniper I sometimes use. Any suggestions?
  8. I'm currently in California, but transitioning to Berlin haha
  9. HAHA. This is where I got my MP7 I don't think you'll regret it if you get one and I think the KWA is the best option over the VFC unless you can find a TM. May need to get a cqb bolt, they can shoot hot!
  10. Not really near any places to check, hence my post
  11. What spring did you use?
  12. Trying to stick with GG Only one I know of is the Samoon kit
  13. I know you have to change the spring, and maybe the buffer too
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