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  1. Hello, Ive recently brought a Krytac CRB and I've just fired it for the first time and it seemed to fire on semi perfectly fine then randomly fire on what seemed to be like full auto? Can anyone help? I was using a 15c 11.1 liPo .25g G&G bbs Tried a couple of different mags happened in all of them.
  2. I've been looking at this gun as on paper it looks really good, just wondering if anyone has had a first hand experience with it? As I'm debating whether to get it or just go safe and get a Krytac Trident?
  3. .25 Maybe 50-70ft, when I am at a target 2/3 of 10 hit. Accuracy! .25s and between 300-335. Clean my barrel after every use and before! Yeah played around with the hop current got the "sweet" spot recently changed bucking and nub, I've tried out different buckings (TM stock and mb red)
  4. A gun that doesn't feel as cheap or sound as tinny. Lacks range and consistency. I've currently already got a 6.03 tb in it helped slightly but still not getting the range and accuracy I desire. And mainly want a change the CM16 will surve as a decent back up.
  5. Would you say it's better than the Krytac trident?
  6. I've been playing Airsoft for a few months now I currently have a G&G cm Raider L (obvious starter gun) now I have UKARA I want to buy a better gun. I have a budget of £400, and was hoping for some suggestions! Preferably M4 based.
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