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  1. Kayz


    Anyone know if there is a site in Kingston an old prison but can't find it thanks
  2. Kayz


    Hi yeah I'm booked up for Saturday 🎃
  3. Kayz


    I just want a pair that don't steam up, an protect the eyes, I'm 26 so I'm old enough, I will be getting face protection to as I like my teeth lol, any suggestions on face masks thanks
  4. Kayz


    Thanks all for your kind feedback, if the ess v12 are old what's a new good pair?
  5. Hey guys so I'm totally new here looking to get into airsoft looks really fun have never been before I live in Sutton London so my best bet will proberly be Croydon been doing abit of research and trying to figure out were to buy some eye protection and face mask any recomemdations I want goggles that don't steam because I done paintballing a few times and steam kinda ruined the day lol and also with this ukara thing to get registered does it matter if the 3 games are played before 2 months is up thanks Been looking for ess v12 advancer but everywhere I look there sold out or to dear are they any good and Anyone know a good website ?
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