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  1. Hi all, Thinking of getting a new gun for cqb. I currently have a g and g m4 firehawk what does the job pretty well and a good pistol also. I'm looking for a gun with slightly more range possibly as some sites I play at have long open parts and my current gun doesn't all cut it when it comes to shots like that. I'm looking to spend £200 and under and was seeing what people were recommending. Thanks
  2. In relation to the shotgun, I know people can adapt m4 mags I think to increase the size of shotgun mags, and sadly the shotgun I brought was only 14 rounds what simply wasn't adequate. I couldn't find any place what stocked the mags I needed so I got rid of the gun in the end. But again really appreciate all the advice thank you.
  3. Thanks for all the advice! I currently have a g and g firehawk what is perfect for cqb, I used a shotgun for a bit and it wasn't really for me as I didn't fancy spending all the extra to increase the mag sizes and stop having to constantly pump it. I have a pistol as a side arm what is handy in close close combat. I have looked into a short barrel m14 what sounds like it may be suitable. Have you got any other suggestions at all? Thanks
  4. Hi all, Just wanting some advice on a gun I'm thinking of purchasing. I want to get a CYMA DMR M14 AEG rifle and was wondering what they are like before I purchase one. From what I've saw on YouTube and what I've briefly saw online they seem like good guns. I'll be using it for CQB sites only. Also what add ons would you recommend such as sights etc. Thanks
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